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The Reynolds Low Vulc holds true to the Reynolds Low DNA and design heritage, focusing even more on board feel with its low profile control.

Product Details

Item Code: 6102000096/094
  • One-Piece Toe Cap
  • Triangle Tread™
  • Lightly Padded Tongue and Collar Lining
  • Traditional Vulcanized Construction
  • Suede

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REYNOLDS LOW VULC reviews (34)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.88 stars

Average rating: 4.88 stars
LisaV 8/8/17 Cincinnati, OH

Amazingly well made, comfortable, and stylish! Love my new shoes!!!

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Rickmor 8/4/17 Whittier

Super clean look!!!

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Ernesto 8/3/17 Guadalupe Ca

I really love these shoes. I have had this pair before but couldn't find them in stores. My wife found your website and ordered me a replacement pair and I am a very happy man!!!

Average rating: 4.88 stars
TJ 8/1/17 Andover, KS

Great shoe and very very comfortable!

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Asa 8/1/17 Washington, DC

Fits great, looks great

Average rating: 4.88 stars
PiN 7/29/17 Ukraine

Awesome shoes!

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Eliott 7/26/17 Amsterdam

Love these shoes, super comfortable, good looking and robust. Will skate them to death. Cheers.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
frytaz1 7/17/17 Poland


Average rating: 4.88 stars
Dee Ed Mann 7/18/17 Pittsburgh

Best shoes ever

Average rating: 4.88 stars
KnowledgeBones 7/8/17 Colorado

The shoe skates phenomenally well, be carful it's CANVAS

Average rating: 4.88 stars
MaKenna 7/1/17 Online

I can't stop buying these shoes, love them so much!!

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Ola 6/24/17 Manchester

These are the comfiest trainers i have ever bought! They are also super super cool! Love them so much..

Average rating: 4.88 stars
bala90 6/28/17 chiapas mexico

que tal buen dia hacen envios a mexico

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Wang 6/17/17 Paris

Third pair of Reynolds and still amazing shoes !

Average rating: 4.88 stars
marlo 6/17/17 Greece

Got the Black White yesterday,amazing style and build quality...My foot is 27,5 cm,thought of going up 0,5 so i got the number 44.It seems ok in the length aspect,it is a bit tight above the toes though but during the first walk became more comfortable..Definitely an excellent shoe

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Scott 5/18/17 MN

I love this color way!

Average rating: 4.88 stars
A2 5/17/17 NC

My son loves the shoes...looking for shelf life to truly praise the company.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Paddy 5/11/17 Dublin

Great comfort and stylish, what more do you want.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
frytaz1 5/5/17 poland wroclaw

dope shoes

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Regal8r 4/16/17 Fontana

Emericas are my one and only love ❤️ please keep it original bring back the burgundy/gum Reynolds 3s please!!!

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Sid 4/13/17 Savannah Ga

Perfect gift. My boyfriends almost due for another pair now.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Wyatte 4/8/17 Clarkston

Really comfortable but not that durable

Average rating: 4.88 stars
DJ 4/4/17 Salt Lake City, Utah

Slim down, easy t break in.... breath-able and good looking... not heavy at all s you don't get that foot drag and the end of a long skate day!

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Cody 3/28/17 Fort gibson

Been a huge fan of the Boss it seems like forever. And i will continue tonbe a fan,he's all for skateboarding 100%. As for the shoe? Well its super comfortable,light weight,durable and has a great style! What more could you as for in a skate shoe! As long as Emerica keeps up the great work,they have been doing for all these years..ill continue to buy and support this company. Emerica for life! You guys rock🎸🎸🎸

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Cormac 4/10/17 Dublin, Ireland

I just love these bad boys. Shipped in a very short time to Ireland. Excellent product and well worth money. I'm actually wearing right now! Like all Emerica footwear - super comfy. These are my second pair of Low Vulcs.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Ste' JAY 3/5/17 Salt Lake City, Utah

Super light, Comfy, Only Material where Material is needed. simple & proper. Cant help feel like what its like to be in The Boss's shoes for a day.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Andriu reinols 2/22/17 Spain

Second time i bought the same shoes. Good durability. And good service as well.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Nealmo 2/17/17 Prescott

I fuckin love this shoe. Skates good right away.. you barely have to break them in. Comfy as a mother that looks damn good too

Average rating: 4.88 stars
TokyoJones 2/7/17 SALT LAKE CITY, USA

emerica has the longest lasting suave in the biz, EXTREAMLY durable, unlike a certain brand with a crown(love muska, but Supra's fall apart after 3-5 good skate sessions. Now onto the Reynolds Low Vulc, I have enjoyed the mid top, That was a good show till the plastic heel cup tairs into your heel, so these shoes feel very comfy from the heel area, (I have always cut off suede from old skate shoes, cut it to fit the Ollie area, and shoe goo it on the inside, I've noticed that your toe knuckes don't wear out quick, that idea of putting a second layer of suade on the inside where your Ollie area is make your shoes last long, it makes it so that whole Ollie area is firm, and you do not fill it inside when your wearing them. REMEBER KIDS, take care of your gear, and it will take care of you. And if you have more product your done with, find some who could use it, ANOTHER THING-,I'm a 9 normally, but emerica is the only brand that I can buy a 8.5( still fits, little tight, but after a week, she fits proper. EMERICA SUADE IS THE BEST IN THE BIZ. And the Reynolds low vulc does have very proper board feel. A shoe you cannot go wrong with. (Feel free to toss me a emerica gift card!! Haha JK. THANKS PLAYERS.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
yeaahdutch-homeboii 2/6/17 the netherlands

whassupp fellow skaters, love these shoes they skate amazing. the real emerica feeling.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Ian 2/6/17 Brussels

Excellent service, shoes arrived next day. My favourite shoes to skate at the moment, so I am on about my fifth pair!

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Slim 1/9/17 Maryland

Another reliable classic. No complaints

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Rdh 12/29/16 London

Slippery sole in the wet is my only criticism

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Bonez 12/27/16 Arizona

Best skate shoes EVER. Max comfort, max board feel, max results.