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Emerica is proud to introduce Leo Romero’s latest shoe The Americana, an updated classic of his first pro model shoe, The Leo back in 2006. The Americana features a G6 Polyurethane Insole in a Cupsole Construction along with a Pig Suede Upper for extra durability all while having a Triangle Tread outsole built and designed to last longer. For a better fit, The Americana includes an integrated tongue strap and heel anchor system.

Product Details

Item Code: 6102000125/072
  • Traditional Cupsole Construction
  • G6 Polyurethane Insole
  • Integrated Tongue Strap/Heel Anchor System
  • Triangle Tread Grip
  • Pig Suede Upper

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AMERICANA reviews (16)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.94 stars

Average rating: 4.94 stars
John 6/24/20 WA

Great shoes as always. I have been buying Emerica for years because they last. I was hesitant to buy online because of sizing, but they made it so easy. I had to return two pairs before getting the right size and they made it a breeze. Going to buy and stash two more to have when the first ones wear out forever from now.

Average rating: 4.94 stars
No nickname 5/29/20 Australia

I have worn many shoes over the years and have worked on $70 million dollar film sets . 20 years later I found myself working in a warehouse , store room and freezer. Emerica were the only comfortable shoes for prolonged hours , and I wish I had a picture of what of what I wore them down to while still at work , till I got a new pair ! The team would not believe that I was still walking in them! Great sneakers for -20 or +35 Australian system! Thanks.

Average rating: 4.94 stars
Aotidae 4/21/20 Rock Springs Wyoming

Been wearing Emericas for close to ten years and I will continue if they keep making the shoes I like at a cost that can't be beet. Use them as nice shoes until I blowout my skate shoes. They last me several weeks of skating most days.

Average rating: 4.94 stars
ari 3/28/20 california

These shoes are very comfortable, and very durable. After only two weeks, they have broken in nicely and have no holes or rips of any kind, even on the laces (and I definitely rip laces alot.) The only issue I have with these is the break-in period, they felt pretty stiff on the first day and my heel was slipping out of the shoe a lot. I just went over them with a blow-dryer, skated them for a few hours, and they were good to go. My first pair of Emericas, and I'll definitely be coming back,

Average rating: 4.94 stars
Scott 3/25/20 Chicago

These took longer than I expected to break in (3 or 4 sessions, and week or two of walking in them) but they were worth the wait. They have a sturdy construction and good support. Emerica cup soles are great. There is an inner lining around the heel that takes some wearing to get used to because it creates the sensation that your foot is sliding out of the shoe. But once you are used to that it's a cushy feature. I love skating in them!

Average rating: 4.94 stars
Mr$kellington 3/21/20 USA

Two words, quality and comfort. I have loved Emerica since I bought the Reynold's AR Slim shoe back in middle school I mowed several yards and got them as my first skate shoe and I've been a loyal Emerican ever since.

Average rating: 4.94 stars
Mis 2/25/20 Chicago,IL

Needed some shoes fast so got these here instead of the shop. They're noticeably bulkier than the Winos or Laced but feel solid and the elastic lining covers the entire foot. Classic look, really excited for these.

Average rating: 4.94 stars
CrumpGod 2/19/20 Chicago

Best sneaker I have ever owned. Skate decent too

Average rating: 4.94 stars
Slim brad 1/7/20 Maryland

Great shoe all around, Superb support and these babies hold up good and strong. Very clean look obviously...what else do ya expect from Emerica

Average rating: 4.94 stars
Ark Pharaoh 10/26/19 Virgina beach

This is a steezy shoe, very clean, and a snug fit. They are a bit tight on the toes but they break in with time of skating. You don't need laces with these and hug on your feet well. Overall it's a great shoe , with some good materials. I'm on day 3 skating them and they are amazing. From board feel to grip, probably Leos best shoe yet in my opinion. The only downside is that the lace is starting to break where the kickflip area is at. But I really don't care, the shoe is very durable and I can tell this is going to last me for a while. Great shoe emerica, continue on with this shoe, I hope it sells well for you guys and other shoes you have. 👊

Average rating: 4.94 stars
FamousNobodyZ 11/6/19 California

First love at first site. They caught my attention first outta all the other shoes... the black white and gold Americanas are the best. I will not skate in these shoes. These bad boys are sick asf

Average rating: 4.94 stars
Close shave dave 9/27/19 Nz

Awesome shoe by Leo and sole tech,comfy as👍

Average rating: 4.94 stars
Matt Bowen 9/8/19 Ohio

The Americana feels great. From the moment I slipped it onto my feet to the moment I got on my board. The only issue I have with it is that it is a really nice looking shoe. I get kind of sad when I skate with it on.

Average rating: 4.94 stars
Close shave dave 9/7/19 Nz

Great shoe by Leo and the emerica team

Average rating: 4.94 stars
VaultTheMech 8/15/19 Austin

Leo always has good shoes. These don’t disappoint. I really dig the insole.

Average rating: 4.94 stars
Jp 7/3/19 New York

Sick shoe!!!! Sadly they run out of my size