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WINO CRUISER HLT reviews (3)

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Average rating: 5 stars

Average rating: 5 stars
guispohr 3/10/18 Portugal

I've been with them in snow and they are great! Warm, waterproof and beautiful! 100% satisfied!!

Average rating: 5 stars
euan 12/26/17 Battle

I recently moved from London out to he country side, and had to look for some weatherproof, and in my opinion good looking boot type footwear. I scanned around a bit and initially looked at more logical options like Timberlands, CAT boots etc. I then remembered Emerica made a somewhat weatherproof, and way more affordable boot. I had a brief look and decided to take a gamble. Gotta say I'm beyond satisfied. I thought I would get protection from some light rain and that was about it, but got way more. They are undeniably waterproof. After taking a dark and rainy country walk home from work, not knowing what to expect, these boots tackled all the mud, deep puddles I didn't see coming, and heavy rain too. been wearing them now for maybe a month and they are doing just fine. Only complaint is a bit invalid in that the laces come undone a lot but that's almost certainly cos I don't do them tight enough. These boots are sick, they keep ya feet dry and are super comfy to walk a long way in if needed. They fit to size but dont have removable insoles, so if like me you were hoping to stick some FP's in there then its a no go, but they are comfy so don't worry. Emerica all the way.

Average rating: 5 stars
Bridge 3/26/17 Bismarck, Borth Dakota

Great shoes. Super light. I like the idea of a dual sport shoe. The durability and style of a skate shoe with the lightweight feel of a running shoe. This shoe nailed it.