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The Omen Hi is a true high top skate shoe with vulcanized construction. The insole is made of G6 Foam with double wrapped foxing. The outsole consists of triangle tread, which is a signature feature in most of our footwear line. The Omen Hi has a custom textured toe bumper for durability against the most aggressive flick. Grab yourself a pair and see for yourself.

Product Details

Item Code: 6101000117/401
Color: NAVY
  • True high top vulcanized construction
  • G6 foam insole
  • Double wrapped foxing
  • Triangle tread
  • Custom textured toe bumper
  • Suede

OMEN HI reviews (22)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.64 stars

Average rating: 4.64 stars
yvette 9/23/20 USA

they need lots of breaking in and can be uncomfortable at first but i like them :) they aren’t too chunky or high.

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Tuck 9/15/20 Lancaster CA

🔥🔥🔥 dope shoes, love the support around the ankles and that heel cushion is kush 👌

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Steve 9/8/20 Ventura

Took a few weeks to break in, by then the sticking near the laces started ripping. Got a few weeks out of em.

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Sk8bush 9/1/20 California

I love these shoes! I'm a new skater and their my second pair. They're big but comfortable and I have good board feel, and they look stylish. I'm a woman, size 8.5 and these feel a little big, but I wear pretty thick socks so it works out. I also really like that they're vegan, I'd definitely buy them again.

Average rating: 4.64 stars
inni 8/7/20 Utah

These kick ***

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Prodigal Jess 5/13/20 Florida

One of the better-made high-top skate shoes I've used and I've tried many. Decent ankle support...would prefer a hair more height in the ankle area and a cushioned tongue. When you tighten the laces too much, it pinches around the front of the ankle and can quickly become uncomfortable. A padded tongue and a little more ankle upper to spread out the tension would help with this. Soles are solid and provide excellent grip and board feel. Overall foot support is excellent. Just getting back into skating after many years away and still getting my ollies back, so can't speak to how durable they are in the wear-resistance department. But they seem like a very well-made shoe. When I opened the box, I was greeted with a strong smell of suede and leather, rather than the chemical smell of artificial materials...a very good sign. I would shop with Emerica again. May try another high-top model next time...possibly all-leather construction. Skate safe and skate again. Thank you...and God bless.

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Ellen 4/16/20 Minneapolis

My favorite shoe I've ever skated. A hightop that's not too thin, not too thick. Super durable..these shoes have lasted me longer than any other skate shoe. Hold up especially well skating vert - those toe caps can handle the knee slides no prob.

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Guestaffa 4/9/20 Phoenix

These are probably my favorite shoes I’ve ever bought. I have three pairs of them. Love me some Emericas

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Blake 4/5/20 Ohio

skates well great board feel the shoe is hella durable.

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Derek 3/9/20 California

I've had these shoes for almost or a month now. Could say so far that I'm liking these emericas way more than the first pair that I got, which were the wino slip. I'm not very good at skating but so far I don't have am Ollie hole and just practicing my kickflips and heelflips, the shoe is holding up pretty well. Just one thing that is kind of a negative in a way is that, for me, the tread in the bottom just doesn't seem to hold up pretty well for me so maybe don't slide your foot so much on the griptape but everyone skates in their own way so yeah. Thank You

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Dustfahrter 2/22/20 The Dirty Dirty

Great board feel, very well made, tough as nails, and great looking shoe.

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Josh 2/3/20 somewhere in Florida

I am leaving a comment because i love these shoes and they fit amazingly, I however have one issue though.. the breath ability of these is not so great. My feet sweat twice as much and the sweat obsorbed into the canvas first go I had.. granted I skated over 5 hours that session but the outer durability of these is impeccable despite what I noticed. WILL BUY AGAIN!

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Josh 12/13/19 Seminole

About to be my next skate shoe, gotta break em in but these things hold tight and the amount of toe coverage is amazing! solid shoe in my opinion! 10 stars!

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Tayo 11/12/19 Illinois

So these shoes are pretty much exactly what I was looking for. They're comfortable and fit perfectly, they look good dirty, they're holding up great, the only reason I give them 4 stars is because the bottoms are completely worn down already and I have a hole on the left shoe, under my big toe on the bottom.. I ride regular , my grip tape is super mild because I try to prevent this from happening. Anyways awesome shoe, but they should of made the bottoms better. The rest of my shoe is totally fine. Not sure if I will buy again, I've only had them for about 5 months.

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Keenan 10/10/19 Reno

They’re a tight fitting shoe but they skate exceptionally well. A serious upgrade from chuck taylors. I skate 3-4 days a week and I’ve had them for a month and they’re holding up tremendously as well as my pesky ankles. These shoes rule.

Average rating: 4.64 stars
The ox 9/28/19 Bay Area

Skip to the Liu, these bad boys have me sweeping like nobody’s business

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Ulises 8/16/19 argentina

True size

Average rating: 4.64 stars
olan 7/2/19 dallas

good shoes but didnt come with black laces as promised

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Rocket 6/21/19 San Diego

The OMEN WINKOWSKI is an Awesome comfortable shoe....I normally wear an 11.5 to a 12 in a narrow shoe and these 11.5 fit perfect...the width is perfect....not a narrow shoe....Love them.

Average rating: 4.64 stars
CZR56 5/4/19 Pico Rivera

Just fucking buy them they're amazing

Average rating: 4.64 stars
lochjess 4/29/19 Vancouver Island

Heard nothing but amazing things about these shoes, however they don’t come in my size. shoutout to the small feet people out there! we wanna rock these too please & thank you!

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Big Santi 4/24/19 California

Holy Shit! These shoes are incredible! I love hightop shoes because of the ankle support and how sick they look on your feet. They’re nice and slim and look really natural and are pretty comfy. I have a good sense of board feel with these on. Overall these shoes are FUCKIN’ SIIIIIICK!!!!!!!! I would definitely recommend you get these Omen Hi’s sickest shoe EVER!!!!