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WINO G6 - NAVY/WHITE - hi-res


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The Wino G6 is what happens when you listen to your audience. You wanted a skateable wino and now you've got one. The Wino G6 builds upon the original Wino style by adding durability and delivering a one of a kind skateable hybrid to the Emerica line.

Product Details

Item Code: 6101000104/472
  • G6 Impact Resistant Polyurethane Insole
  • Double Wrapped Vulcanized Construction
  • Heel Achor
  • Tuff Cuff Collar Padding
  • Double Wrapped Vulc
  • Suede

WINO G6 reviews (46)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.93 stars

Average rating: 4.93 stars
McClaw 6/16/18 California

How can you improve your skating with this shoe? The answer is in the question!

Average rating: 4.93 stars
SpencerC 5/22/18 Fairfax,VA

Love these shoes from the color to the fit. This is my first pair of emerica shoes and I will be buying more. Highly recommend.

Average rating: 4.93 stars
BassBanannas 5/12/18 Vb

One of the best shoes to ever come out! That double foxing tape is so good! Keeps the flick last for ever! Super durable and i havent been this hyped ona shoe ina while! Thanks emerica! Emerica forever!

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Mike 5/3/18 NJ

Very comfortable

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Xenrelic 4/28/18 San Jose California

Best skate shoe's for the best price! I could definitely do way more tricks with these than with shitty Vans and they actually protect my feet vastly better.

Average rating: 4.93 stars
TREED 4/25/18 Maplewood MO

Perfect Fit and Super comfy!

Average rating: 4.93 stars
BVB 4/20/18 Columbia,MO

These shoes are sick. My first pair of emericas and it won’t be my last. So grippy that I wiped out foot braking my first time skating in them. They look good, feel good, and skate very well

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Alex from Fader 4/14/18 Golden, CO

Never cancel this shoe! Lace or slip on. I would compare this shoe to the Vans Chima, but the inside construction of the Chima is canvas that starts to hurt my feet badly over time. The inside of the Wino is super soft and comfy. Plus the Chima also lacks LOTS of product attributes that the Wino has such as heel anchor and acilies guard. Tremendous board feel. I like the pointy-er toe on it too. Helps me get that precise flick for my kickflips. Good looking shoe too. Been skating emericas for 15 years!

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Baywood 4/5/18 Scottsdale AZ

Affordable solid shoe, and a perfect colorway in my opinion.

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Euan 4/5/18 Battle

DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE. This shoe is rad. Got the navy with the white sole. It's a real classic silhouette in my personal onion, they should never cancel this shoe, goes great with a nice pair o' trousers. I never rock the G6 insoles, they're kinda sucky, I always put FP's in, but god damn I love Emerica's. Board feel is awesome my dudes, nice for surfin' some ramp's. The areas that usually get hole'y, are currently not yet hole'y, which I'm stoked on, pretty durable. You should buy this shoe, it does the job whether you're skating or chilin'.

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Euan 3/30/18 Battle

This is a nice shoe. I'm not a fan of G6 insoles so I put FP''s in which make my feet feel much better and it allows me to prolong the sesh. The shoe has great boardfeel and flicks well. Naturally being a thin shoe, your ankle is very exposed so you aren't too well protected, which is why I'm going for the Hsu g6 next. Overall its a good shoe if your not doing crazy stuff n fucking up your feet or ankles. Real nice to cruise in and good for a mini ramp sesh. I'd say give it a try.

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Vanna711 3/28/18 Redondo beach

Awesome! Always comfortable❤💛🖤💚!

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Street Plant 3/11/18 Minnesota

Great shoes! Excellent boardfeel with just enough support. Ordering more now!

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Joe Nathan 3/4/18 Phoenix

Quite honestly the best shoe I’ve skated so far. Best fit and feel on top of a plethora of styles

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Eduardo Fonseca e Silva 2/14/18 Lisbon, Portugal


Average rating: 4.93 stars
LEWIS 1/16/18 UK

I've bought about 9 pairs of these since they came out, I would say these are the best shoes from Emerica is the last couple of years, at that price anyway, The G6 models are all high quality, but this is essentially a price point team shoe with the G6 insole and it skates so good, they are durable, stylish and have the best kick flip shape toe. Honestly, if you want a great shoe pick these, you won't be disappointed, plenty of new styles and colours to choose from too. 10/10

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Don Burgundy 1/22/18 Denver, CO

True to size, love the insole, looks sleek AF. Also purchased in Black/Gum when they were BOGO 1/2 off ;) . Haven't skated yet.

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Frank 1/4/18 Seattle WA

have held up very well, they feel great when i walk and i dont tend to slip and slide in them as much as other shoes from different companies

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Shaq the mac 12/27/17 Mount vernon

Really comfy shoe

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Ivan 12/26/17 Los Angeles

Awesome shoes to skate

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Todd 12/25/17 Denver

These are chill

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Zwinns 12/21/17 Huntington Beach

Best shoes ever. Only shoe I skate

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Teejay 12/21/17 Downey Ca

Wow this shoe is just amazing on how much abuse it goes through each on my feet but this is shoe ive been waiting for so long and I loved the first wino very stylish low profile shoe and when this came out it was like here take my money kind of thing and the Jeremy Leabres color way is so sick one my personal favorites plus when I look inside the shoe there's his dog which is bitchin as fuck. Thank you emerica and thank you Jeremy for making these color way and shoes possible

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Teejay 12/21/17 Downey ,Ca

I got these for a homie and he loves them very durable thank you emerica

Average rating: 4.93 stars
SDaygo 12/21/17 Chula Vista

Bro these shoes were hella comfy and lasted a while I mean I do hella flip tricks so it really only lasted 2 weeks which is average for me but they really went hard. 10 outta 10 I would buy these again

Average rating: 4.93 stars
t-thunda 12/21/17 charlotte

best vulc shoe i've ever skated

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Los 12/21/17 Los Angeles

Solid AF

Average rating: 4.93 stars
wino G6 12/21/17 tempe az

fuck yeah best shoe love emerita one suggestion for this shoe is don't do anything to it because its perfect.

Average rating: 4.93 stars
JoMo 12/21/17 Diamond Bar, CA

Love this pair! Very comfortable Amazing

Average rating: 4.93 stars
JoMo 12/21/17 Diamond Bar, CA

Comfortable Stylish Sleeek Love it 100%

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Elvis 12/23/17 Dilesi

favourite shoe but i think you should make the bottom of the shoe more durable

Average rating: 4.93 stars
fabien 12/20/17 baudre

trés bonne chaussure

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Conor 11/21/17 Downingtown Pennsylvania

Great shoe looks goods feels good

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Emerica74 8/25/17 Los Angeles, CA

Comfortable AF!!

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Rob 8/13/17 London

They shred really quick but seem to get worn then just last and last. The elastic straps seem a bit uncomfortable at first but once they've been worn a few times fit perfect. Overall really good looking and comfortable a good shoe.

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Garrett B 7/19/17 New Jersey

Best shoes I've skating in a lonnngggg time!

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Ryan 7/15/17 Atlanta

Amazing. Look good, skate well, durable. Comfortable.

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Adeekahh 7/8/17 Budapest

Great quality, fits perfectly

Average rating: 4.93 stars
DCordero 6/20/17 Paris

Best shoes I ever owned .

Average rating: 4.93 stars
PORT GAS D ACE 4/13/17 Bandung, Indonesia

Amazing design

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Crapper 3/25/17 Salisbury, MD

So fresh, so clean...they make my tre's scream!

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Samm89 3/26/17 England

Super comfy, true fit and fit nicely round the heel. Also, look great

Average rating: 4.93 stars
kaderskater 3/16/17 encino

this shoe looks cool

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Leo 3/15/17 540

Comfy shoes. They look good.

Average rating: 4.93 stars
WhtJrome 3/7/17 West Palm Beach

AMAZINGGGGGGG. Feels like my feet are being guided by skate angels.

Average rating: 4.93 stars
Fat Lew 3/3/17 Newcastle Upon Tyne UK

This shoe is the shit, get it. Emerica have upped the game on their vulc shoes and the Wino G6 is exactly what their their shoes were missing. I'll be buying this one for a long time.