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Emerica is proud to introduce Leo Romero’s latest shoe The Americana, an updated classic of his first pro model shoe, The Leo back in 2006. The Americana features a G6 Polyurethane Insole in a Cupsole Construction along with a Suede Upper for extra durability all while having a Triangle Tread outsole built and designed to last longer. For a better fit, The Americana includes an integrated tongue strap and heel anchor system.

Product Details

Item Code: 6102000125/715
  • Traditional Cupsole Construction
  • G6 Polyurethane Insole
  • Integrated Tongue Strap/Heel Anchor System
  • Triangle Tread Grip
  • Pig Suede Upper

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AMERICANA reviews (18)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.89 stars

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Andrsgrman 3/3/21 Colombia

Really great shoe. Great board feeling, great flick with all the protection that cupsole can provid.

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Doc Holiday 2/27/21 KCMO

These bad boys are legit! I got the tan/white's & also the orthodox black/white with the flag 🇮🇹 Been wearing Emerica's since I met the squad back in 06 wildride tour. Herman, Romero, "Tha Boss" (Reynolds) Dont forget Westgate, & one of the most slept on of dude Marquise Preston!! ..& Spanky's ight I guess lol ✌ Good times forsure, good brand aswell

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Jeb 7/1/20 Hossegor

looks like I got a new fav skate shoe - lasting - soft but with a good feet/heel holding - and $ well reinvested in the industry (not a running shoe company killing the game)- the black one with mexican flag is a nice detail though

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Barend 6/12/20 Belgium

Love these shoes. Great boardfeel and grip, and for now they seem pretty durable as well. Plus, they are super stylish (I really like the old Puma Clyde-esque look). Only thing I had to adjust to is the slightly harder feeling of the insole, a bit like a sports car in terms of suspension - I'm used to a more "cloudy" feeling cushioned cupsole myself.

Average rating: 4.89 stars
M 5/6/20 Rotterdam

Looking nice and seem to be well made, but unfortunately these are my first shoes in years to be just uncomfortable.

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Catalin 2/24/20 Bucharest

Very nice shoes!

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Woo woop 1/6/20 Germany

I'm so happy to be able to enjoy the rework of my first skate shoe <333 BTW would be sick to see the orange colored ones again.

Average rating: 4.89 stars
SkaterJamesDavid 1/30/21 White Bear Lake, MN

Absolutely love these shoes! I’ve been using them for a little over a month now skating everyday in the Minnesota winter to and from work, during my lunch breaks and most days after work at a local spot. And boy, are they rugged. The only wear I have at all is the unavoidable kickflip wear (not even close to wearing through) and a little ripping right on the collar below my ankle from heelflips. Buy these. *Disclaimer: they do fit pretty tight at first but they break in so nicely! 🤙

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Charlie 1/27/21 San Diego

This shoe is really good!

Average rating: 4.89 stars
RadJesse 1/19/21 Gardena, CA

Solid Shoe, Love It!

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Steven Hall 1/12/21 Canton, PA

Love the Americana, the halo sole technology and footbed make you feel like you’re walking or skating on clouds. This model is a little narrow in the toe but the flip control it provides is the reason why. After about a month of on and off skating The Americana the wear is just not showing, high quality product. Beautiful shoe and a complete upgrade on a previous Romero model. Definitely recommend.

Average rating: 4.89 stars
raul 1/5/21 California

Good fit for a good price friendly service

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Johnny 12/19/20 Missouri

These shoes are tight! I bought the tan/white & the black/white with the flag 💯

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Sham wow 12/9/20 Virginia

These things take a beating! Tewww gewwwd!

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Tommy 11/20/20 West by god

Shit wont rip

Average rating: 4.89 stars
CJ Knapp 11/16/20 Las Vegas

These shoes bring me back to my child hood when my best kickflips and tres we’re done in the OG Leo silhouettes. Love everything emerica does I’m a die hard for sure. Can’t wait to keep these ordering on repeat until you guys stop making em again!

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Jules 10/31/20 Brooklyn

Awesome. Super sturdy construction while still being low profile. I tend to skate chunkier cupsoles because I like the stability and these have all that stability without the bulk. Good support. And most importantly they look great. Super clean shape that’s still generous enough for my wide-ish feet and tasteful detailing that reminds me a lot of the classic puma suede/basket. I bought a second pair on sale because I want to skate one pair and keep the other one clean for stepping out. Never had a bad shoe from Emerica.

Average rating: 4.89 stars
eyeofthebeholter 10/5/20 Chicago, IL

I've skateboarded for 20+ years and this is one of my very favorite shoes. I even bought a second pair. It fits snug, solid cupsole, and the pig suede is super durable (i.e. no holes). Plus, I think the shoe looks even better with wear and tear.