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This is Collin’s third signature shoe for Emerica; designed from the ground up, in order to live up to his moniker, the Provider. Comparably, when designing and building out Collin’s new shoe, we made sure it provides just the way he does, everything you need to nail it on and off the board. The Provider is a double wrapped, low profile vulcanized shoe, designed for skateboarding. For the first time ever, we’re introducing our G6 plus drop-in footbed, an insole made from Emerica’s new proprietary polyurethane, sourced to be light weight, high memory and impact resistant. This new blend of our G6 formula has been reinforced for a higher level of comfort and stability Collin was looking for. The upper has a minimalist design, with a four-patterned upper and reinforced toecap for more durability and the triangle tread outsole creates the perfect amount of grip.

Product Details

Item Code: 6102000127/004
  • Drop-In High Memory
  • Lightweight G6 PLUS Insole
  • Double Wrapped Foxing Construction
  • Silicone Printed Tongue
  • Custom Textured Toe Bumper

PROVIDER reviews (27)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.85 stars

Average rating: 4.85 stars
skateripper 4/15/21 Orange County

Felt like the worst skate shoe ever but after breaking them in they are awesome! I thought the rubber insole would mean less board feel but is great. It's tough and durable too. Will definitely buy it again.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Shaner 4/13/21 Massena NY

Where do I start? Look good, built durable and tough, last pretty damn long. No other choice but to run them over with the car a couple times to break them in(tight on MY right,pinky knuckle/toe) but I have a medium/wider foot. My first pair originally 4-5yrs ago, I still have those same exact insoles and theyve been used in over 7 other pairs of skate shoes. Which is what made me want a 2nd pair. Old insoles are still in perfect condition(literally) and I still dont feel it when landing primo. You guys NAILED IT with them insoles. NOTE: if you get for casual/occasional instead of skating... You'll be set, so throw out those old shoes. Your feet will thank you.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Skow 6/4/20 Helsinki, Finland

At first they felt bulky (I think this colourway is a bit wider??) and during first 30 min of skating felt like the worst shoes ever made. But after they broke in a bit they feel absolutely amazing, fitting literally like a glove around the feet. Absolutely love them!

Average rating: 4.85 stars
James 1/18/20 Germany

The Provider are great shoes. Super high quality leather, excellent heel padding, and really simple design. Emerica nailed it.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
James 12/5/19 Germany

These are really excellent shoes. The soles protect against heel bruise. The top is very tough. In general, I would say the shoe has a lot of integrity. I will be riding this model for a while.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Tony dutch 5/30/19 Netherlands

Nice design

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Anon 10/29/20 Texas

Good shoes, love em!! i think the dark grey is darker than the picture but i prefer it that way, nearly black really

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Maxx 10/24/20 Phoenix

Been skating these over and over since they came out. Favorite shoe ever

Average rating: 4.85 stars
THERESHEBLOWS 9/16/20 Nowhere


Average rating: 4.85 stars
Spicey 7/2/20 Home

Nice shoe, comfortable. The removeable liner's massage surface makes your sock bunch up when you push your foot in.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Ark Pharaoh 6/12/20 Virginia Beach

This shoe is bomb! Best vulc shoe for me alongside of the reynold 3 g6. Its my favorite vulc shoe of all time! It reminds me of the dekline belmont (r.i.p). Hella durable material and its thick ( which i love). The cushion its better than the g6 ones and I hope emerica continues to make that insole. Get these!

Average rating: 4.85 stars
koifish97 5/20/20 Phoenix, AZ

Very comfy shoes my only issue is the sole has a rubbery texture so it makes it harder to get my foot in, but otherwise a great purchase!

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Trav 5/5/20 ohio

Nice fitting shoe. This color is versatile.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Rlinsenbach 4/7/20 Dayton, OH

All I can say is WOW. These are impressive and pretty slick. Always been a huge fan of the HSU lows and mids. But these are definitely up there at that caliber if not higher. Well worth the money.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Basket 4/7/20 Fresno

Quality from top to bottom,extremley comfortable and incredibly stylish. Love these badboys.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Alexxx 1/22/20 Central Florida

The show provides like the man himself. Sick shoes. Super light and super comfortable with the new g6 heel

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Toro 12/28/19 Texas

I’ve tried to order the this shoe off the site for the the past month now. Your web site says that you have it in stock but I’ve tried ordering it twice and each time was more disappointing than the last . I’m leaving Five for Big Fig because I know this shoe is a ripper

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Daniel frankslinger 6/9/19 New Jersey

ive had a reoccurring heel bruise lately skating nikes. I decided to get these and, f**k do they get it, they know what they're doing period! I don't feel my bruise at all the insole in these are crazy i can't believe it. these guys are true to skateboarding theses are true skate shoes for skateboarding . I bought two pairs

Average rating: 4.85 stars
the original frankslinger 6/8/19 nj

hands down one of the best shoes I've ever skated. I've had re occurring heel bruises so ive been off the board and one day I said f**k it, these are so comfortable I'm gunna give them a go, and holy f**k! what f*****g heel bruise? swear to god! buying another pair! please don't stop providing these! @emerica

Average rating: 4.85 stars
EMRC 5/18/19 SC

All around one of the best shoes I've ever skated. Love the wide outer sole and the insole has small bumps which hold your feet in place and even massage them a bit. I usually have to change laces every 3-4 sessions, but the high laceholes on these keep the laces safe. The leather is strong and comfortable. Buy these!

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Co skater 4/19/19 Denver

Dope af. All black more of a shoe I’d just wear when I’m going out or chilling. Almost too nice to fuck up. The insoles are amazing. I wish these had the flex channel outsole

Average rating: 4.85 stars
cloudkicker-mke 4/5/19 Milwaukee,WI

Easily the most comfortable skate shoe I’ve ever owned! Emerica continue to break barriers in innovation and comfort!

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Gager 3/27/19 Littleton

Great shoe, had the black and white the insole is insanely grippy, only thing is the pictures of the all black it had the soul of the foggy dose. So I was a little disappointed paying extra for what I thought was that durability, not just he dope looking black leather. Either way still a great shoe.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Curbsoup 3/12/19 UK

Sick. The best I can describe this shoe is it’s like a sturdier wino G6 with a hint of the Figgy Dose. It seems like the toe cap area rubber is made with higher grade rubber than the wino and lasts and looks a little bit nicer when it’s been skated compared to the way the wino wears through. The insole is great, a lot better than the standard G6 one, but maybes not quite as soft as the Figgy Dose footbed. Overall, no stitching has blown out, the outsole seems to have worn out slower than the Wino G6 outsole tread. The suede seems higher quality and the narrow lace placement avoids ripping laces. Get a pair, support the best. Worth every penny!

Average rating: 4.85 stars

Sickest shoes by far! Just got em yesterday. Fit great ! Look Great ! Skate Great ! Gonna order the other 2 colors ASAP! Hopefully more color ways drop soon .... Also These new insoles are insanely comfortable. Should sell them separate so I can add them to my other Emerica's. Great Job Provider & Emerica!! Cheers More Beers !!!

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Lowkeyimaghost 2/26/19 Oregon

Amazing shoes! These are my absolute favorite shoes for skating and everyday use. I've been a long-time fan of Emerica shoes for skateboarding for over a decade now. The last year or so I've skated 3 different models, but usually chill in vans, or another brand. But these Providers are the sickest shoes I've had in YEARS! The style is exactly what I like, & these things perform perfect for skating. Very good grip, boardfeel, has a very nice flick. And BY FAR, one of the most durable shoes out right now- especially for being a simple vulc shoe! I'm so hyped that these skate the way they do with so much comfort & support, but manage to have such a clean simple look to them. I have been skating my first pair going on 3 weeks now, & love them so much I just ordered 2 more pairs 1 black,& 1 navy colorway so I can have a new pair to skate and another pair to wear to work, & chill in.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Donald Trump 2/15/19 Russia

Fucking sick ,,, fuck the wall