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Average rating: 5 stars

Average rating: 5 stars
Captain Ass Milk 12/28/19 Big Cabin, OK

Ordered the jacket & it was well on it's way into my greasy cheeto stained hands, but it was all for naught! The foul delivery service had rendered my treasure unto an evil Texan. Lo, LO I say, the Emerican oligarchy had heard my cries of sorrow & felt pity on me, a dirty peasant & bequeathed to me a freshly weaved jacket. Quality- 5/7 stars. Fit- 5/7 stars. Style- 5/7. Ability to keep my nipples from cutting glass- 4/7 stars. Delivery & wait time- 2/7 stars. Dope jacket all around

Average rating: 5 stars
Bear 11/1/19 Gardena

I love the look of this jacket, and the inner lining feels amazing. Gets a lot of compliments. It runs small, so order your hoodie size instead of shirt size. Also, for OCD folk out there, the fabric is very dark black and hairs cling to it easy, so keep one of those lint rollers you would use for pet hair nearby.