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Inspired by the iconic pro models of Andrew's past. The new Reynolds G6 is a true cupsole with a "pour-in" G6 poly-urethane midsole. The toecap features a double-double sided layer of hot melt that bonds the panels together. All made up to Andrew's standards. 100% backed by The Boss.

Product Details

Item Code: 6102000118/212
  • Double sided therma welded toe-cap
  • Preforated lycra-spandex tongue
  • Pour in G6 polyurethane mid sole
  • Triangle Tread
  • Suede

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REYNOLDS G6 reviews (39)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.92 stars

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Emericaridr11 2/17/18 Denver, CO

Im really harsh on shoe reviews, being a skater from the early 2000's I dig padding, these were a very good balance of padding.... Im happy with that. The fit is good little tight on foot so I had to cut off those (to me) annoying tounge straps, but once I did that they felt like some older shoes I use to buy..... I like my shoes not too snug and these were a bit too foot forming (which is great for 90% of you, so thats good)------------------------------------ I recommend these shoes for sure and this Black/Grey colorway takes me BACK!!!!!

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Joey 2/14/18 New York

Hands down this is the best Emerica shoe I had in a long time.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
saner0ne 2/14/18 greece

best of the best

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Eli 2/8/18 Malaysia

My first Emericas. They fit my feet perfectly which is rare for most shoes. Skate even better, full protection of my feet. Comfortable AF.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Sammy 2/6/18 Oceanside

Great looking old school shoe. The support in this shoe feels cushy and comfortable.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
M00n__ 2/2/18 Prague Czech Republic

You can’t go wrong with a Boss cupsole Shoe. The nostalgia involved on these is a huge plus. Had to get 2 pairs straight away. The navy/white and All browns. Hopefully this shoe will be on the catalogue for at least 10 years.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Jorge.M 2/2/18 Hawthorne ca

The shoes are very comfortable and my brother love them.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
m00n__ 1/8/18 Prague

Unbeatable shoes. What else can I say?

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Jay Lord 12/29/17 Idaho

Seriously, these shoes are the best, especially if you're getting old and are sick of super thin shoes that hurt your feet while walking or skating (looking at you Vans). These have lasted a lot longer than most of my shoes and have a great heel that can absorb impact Thank you Emerica for creating an old school padded shoe that has modern sensibilities.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Will_Scott__ 12/24/17 York, UK

Durable with that triple toe cap, absorb impact like moses's sandals and look fresh as fuck! Thanks Drew and the design team, keep killing it. <3 <3 <3

Average rating: 4.92 stars
fugazzi 11/26/17 europe

Best shoes ever!!!

Average rating: 4.92 stars
greg 11/20/17 at

great shoe - fast shipping, everything perfect. perfect to skate with

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Michael 11/14/17 Asheville, N.C.

Possibly the best skate shoes I've ever owned!

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Alex 11/14/17 New York City

The best shoe I've had in I don't know how long. As an older skater, my feet hurt when I actually land tricks, let alone bail them, so a good shoe is clutch. These shoes have just the right amount of padding, fit, aesthetic, and support. Please keep them available. A Vulc version with the same amount of interior padding, fit, toe piece- would be a good companion to the cupsole. Don't discontinue.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Chris 11/11/17 Phoenix AZ

Sickest shoes I've worn since the America KSL Dos

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Big Eazy 11/4/17 Modesto,Ca

Dont do these in vulc!! Leave them how they are. Best Emerica shoe since thw original Reynolds pro, hands down. Money well spent..

Average rating: 4.92 stars

Already one of my favourite skate shoes! I liked the Reynolds 3s and the Reynolds Lows too but this newest addition to the Emerica Reynolds models feels the best right out of the box!

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Spumoni 10/25/17 St. Clair Mi

Best shoes ive bought in a while. High quality and cheap for such an amazing piece of footwear. Reminds me of the Reynolds 2s and 3s alot. Also ankle support feels like the Marc Johnson remakes(OG1s). Those were my all time favorite. Skated those until the last thread. 5☆s all day.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Curb-Blood 10/17/17 Brooklyn, NY

Where do I begin with these?? Long time skater of thin vulc shoes (i.e. vans/cons) but as a bigger guy, I really appreciate the extra protection offered by the G6/cupsoles in general. Tongue is nice and secure and my foot feels like it's always where it needs to be. Great flick and super durable; this suede is practically indestructible. Brings back a lot of memories of skating older Reynolds models in terms of comfort/protection/durability, but slimmer and better board feel than most cupsoles I've skated. I hope Reynolds can keep skating another ten years so I can keep buying his killer shoes.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Deano 10/12/17 Athens, GA

The suede on the toe cap was pretty much gone after 3 weeks, as expected. Whatever that rubber is underneath the suede, that shit is holding up great. These shoes really do have some unexpected boardfeel, yet they still have awesome impact protection. No more heel bruises, and i can still setup for a trick without looking down. I'm currently in the navy/black colorway but I'll be ordering the black/gumbo real soon. I wear these shoes only to skate in. The toe box is the most pointed I've ever skated and that almost deterred me from buying them. I took a leap of faith, and could not have been more impressed. Of course i had to adjust to the shape, transitioning from vans' round toe box. But if you jump down big shit and still want some feeling in the front half of the shoe, these are the ones for you. Props to Emerica, and long live The Boss. Go skate!

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Ronald arch 10/5/17 Louisville

I love this shoe I've been skating the hsu MIDs but this shoe is way better it last longer and flick better I love. Please make this shoe in mid or put the plastic toe on top of the hsu . a mid would be a 6star shoe.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Favorite Skater 10/4/17 Shanghai, China

These shoes are amazing and comfortable. they absorb impact super well and show little signs of wear. If my favorite skater says he's proud of a Shoe he makes, I'm going to get it. proud to be part of the Emerica cult

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Ian 9/19/17 Santa Cruz

Couldnt find these at any skate shops (for some reason, Emerica isn't very popular around here), so the site is the best choice for me. The shoes are extremely comfortable, durable, and skateable. I think these will last me until next year. Been sticking with emerica, will continue to stick with emerica. These shoes also make me kickflip better so that's also nice

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Savannah 8/29/17 Georgia

I got these for my boyfriend for his birthday. He claims that Emerica brand shoes are the most comfortable he's ever worn, and they offer great support to his size 13 feet and towering height (6'3"). They keep him balanced when walking through any terrain. I would buy these again.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Sam 8/12/17 Long Beach, CA

Awesome shoe! Great look, and even better feel. I would highly recommend this shoe. I have worn Reynolds for years and this shoe is a great throw back to his shoes!

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Ski Mask 8/9/17 Chicago

Restock the gum ones, I already need a new pair.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Doug Funnie 8/8/17 Austin, Tx

If you want the impact protection of a 2000's puffy skate shoe, but the board feel of a modern day cupsole, then look no further. So far they last a long time too!

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Jacob 8/5/17 San Juan Capistrano

Awesome shoes! Love them

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Close shave dave 8/5/17 Various

Great shoe from emerica

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Kermite 8/5/17 Dana Point

The Best shoe I've ever skated as of yet. Comfortable, durable, 3 layers of padding while not feeling too bulky. The tred still looks brand new. skating with mob perforated grip and the shoes are showing no signs that they are starting to wear out. Worth every penny.

Average rating: 4.92 stars 8/4/17 Sacramento

Ive been a fan of reynolds model shoes since i started really getting into skating in '99 the R1 was my first pro model shoe and i fell in love with it. Surely i ended up with the R2 when they arrived. The Reynolds G6 just gives me such a reminder of the days in those shoes, it just feels like im wearing those all over again. They still are a bit bulky compared toslimmed down shoes of this age but very comfortable right off the bat. Not much to wear in. Definitely if you're a reynolds fan or had the opportunity to wear any model shoe underneath his name, its worth the pick up

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Salmonmoose 8/3/17 Seward Alaska

Been buying Reynolds shoes since the first ones. Over the years have owned over 20 pairs, mostly the recent Mids an scup soled ones, Always so good, please release black and red versions

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Ry 8/2/17 Buffalo

I bought a few shoes this week, a pair of Nike dunk lo profile, the Emerica Figgys, and these Reynolds G6.. the Reynolds G6 blow them all out of the water for comfort and skateability, I am ordering a different color as soon as I finish this review.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Salmonmoose 8/1/17 Alaska

Good sole, vulc is wack, keep making cup soles

Average rating: 4.92 stars
SkateofArt 8/1/17 San Diego

With a style that resembles the old Reynolds you can't go wrong with the style, as for fit these are solid right out of the box. I typically don't use the insoles provided in my skate shoes but the G6 does the job well. Can't decide if I like the Wino G6, the Provost, Reynolds vulcs, or Reynolds G6 better!

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Jet 7/26/17 Vista

Get them now they are the real deal, best shoe I've worn some gt blazers. These are amazing the insole is typical emerica but the whole redesign is amazing. It's a delight to wear these and have no feet pain and no bruises since I've worn these. It's not a complaint but I already bought 4 pairs cause I've finally found something that works for me but more colors please :) I need white. I do have a footprint 20 dollar insole and it's the perfect combo. Thank you Andrew for actually making a shoe to skate first and make money 2nd it's the real deal. Emerica is back

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Jet 7/25/17 Vista

Guys I know emericas have been up and down but if you need extra padding without limitations this shoe is amazing the insole is like all other emericas but the shoe it's self and midsole are amazing add a footprint in and you have perfection best shoe I've had since the gt blazer vulc

Average rating: 4.92 stars
7teenagesmokers 7/19/17 OKC

I bought these shoes as soon as they came online. Got them about two weeks ago. Popped them right on. Super good out of the box. Didn't take long for them to break in. I remember seeing little teasers for this show back in Oct 2016. So happy they're finally out, also excited for any colorway Emerica will be releasing. I really hope you guys plan on making an ode to the Reynolds 1 Red Bling/Bling colorway in the future. I will definitely be buying as many pairs of this shoe as possible. PS. I also had to break out the WHITE button up and blue jeans when I wore the brown Reynolds G6.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
tim nevins 7/15/17 everywhere,

Thank god you guys are making shoes again that are actualy good to skste in and not meant to sell as many units as possible to pissed off 13 year olds that dont know any better .. i check this website every few months in the hope you guys will make a product i want to buy as much as andrews first shoe ( which should be re released.. you did it with marc's first pro model) .. i hope these dont suck