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The Avett Brothers x Leo Romero project didn’t come out of thin air. It’s not some brainchild idea of a couple of marketing dudes trying to create something “cool”. Screw that! It’s much simpler than that. Leo’s been a fan of the band for quite some time. He was introduced to the brothers through a mutual friend. From that point on, they realized they had more in common than they thought. They became friends. The Avett’s and Romero take on life in similar ways, even though they're embedded in different cultures in what they do for a living. Outside of their venues and concerts, The Avett Brothers are two down to earth guys. They don’t take things too seriously. Leo’s the same. If you meet Leo off the board it’d be hard to imagine this fun loving jokester crushes skate spots and lights the average skate demo on fire. Likewise, when the Avett’s take the stage, they hand themselves over to the show and fans, completely. The Avett Brothers and Leo Romero are passionate about what they do; they’re in sync with each other, from different paths, bridged together to form one shared way of life.

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ROMERO HI X AVETT reviews (11)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.27 stars

Average rating: 4.27 stars
Pauly 9/27/19 Australia


Average rating: 4.27 stars
Jaws 8/18/19 San Francisco

Sickest boots I have ever worn or seen to this day, but beware for some folks, you will get major pinky toe rub. I thought it was just a defect pair but I bought a second pair again and had the same pain. I wish they made these with a wider toe area, my toes were killing me and I had to sell them.

Average rating: 4.27 stars
Graham 5/26/19 Nc

Muy bien zapatos

Average rating: 4.27 stars
Gary 5/14/19 Doha, Qatar

How do you clean and maintain this? Mine look like shit now XD What's this' material?

Average rating: 4.27 stars
Pants 4/23/19 St. Louis, MO

I waited for a long time for these shoes to go on sale because I wanted them sooooo badly, but now I’m wishing I hadn’t bothered at all. Don’t get me wrong - I love Leo and the Avetts, but this shoe sucks. Terribly uncomfortable, it rubs the top of my foot so much, I had to switch them out for another pair of shoes after about 2 hours of wearing them. Unfortunately, I haven’t worn them since, so they’re a pretty leather paperweight at the moment

Average rating: 4.27 stars
Philip 2/27/19 glens falls, ny

I am a big fan of the Avett Brothers, a big fan of Leo, and a huge fan of Emerica. Like always they crushed it. I have the Leo boot in the brown truman collab and the black suede so now this fills my set. Its a solid shoe, leathers soft, take a minute to break in the high ankle section which is a good thing with a style like this. I havent skated this one yet but its comfy AF and looks good when you scroll down to your feet. Another solid Emerica show. Get one while you can!!

Average rating: 4.27 stars
phila 12/25/18 glens falls ny

i have the romero hi in back suede and the truman collab and just like those two, this avett brothers collab did not disappoint. solid, comfy, and the slight avett brother featut skres are subtle and clean looking. the leather is smooths and very nice to looking. its dope to look down at your feet with these mother f'ers on. havent skated them yet, may not, but they are smooth AF.

Average rating: 4.27 stars

My boyfriend absolutely loves these but the sole is starting to peel and he’s had them less than a month. I’m a die hard Avett fan and he’s a skateboarder so these were a perfect mesh of our two worlds. It is a bit upsetting though that they are showing wear like this after only a month.

Average rating: 4.27 stars
Oliveskate 12/9/18 Belgium

Best skate shoes EVER: best style, super comfy, durable... THANK YOU Emerica and LEO ROMERO!!!!!!!!

Average rating: 4.27 stars
Johnny Wesson 12/2/18 Rialto

They look amazing and feel great. Also the material on it is excellent!!

Average rating: 4.27 stars
Matt 11/29/18 Los Angeles

These shoes are dope! Great style and materials. They run true to size. I usually wear 10.5, but read some conflicting reviews about other Romeros running big, so I ordered a 10 instead. Hopefully they'll stretch out a bit over time.