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Emerica is partnering with Huy Fong Foods to bring some hotness to the lineup this time around with a special nod to their Sriracha sauce.

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Item Code: 6107000203/595
  • Wino G6 x Sriracha
  • "Scratch Away" suede reavels red when skated
  • G6 Impact Resistant Polyurethane Insole
  • Double Wrapped Vulcanized Construction
  • Heel Achor
  • Tuff Cuff Collar Padding
  • Double Wrapped Vulc
  • Suede

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WINO G6 X SRIRACHA reviews (2)

Overall rating
Average rating: 5 stars

Average rating: 5 stars
Luke 11/8/17 Hermosa veach

This is a Christmas present for my grandson. He text me the information on this pair of shoes. He will get them on 12/23/20+7 His grandpa, j roshala

Average rating: 5 stars
Zachary Hamlin 10/14/17 McKinney Texas

Totally awesome. But fedex totally had someone open these and try them on lol... The box was entirely destroyed and shiestily retaped without even bothering to wipe off grass or smudges from shoes, cleaned easy though so no biggie