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PURE SLIM 5 POCKET reviews (7)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.71 stars

Average rating: 4.71 stars
Oooo 11/14/17 Noho

Lasted me well over a year now I can’t find any more in size 30. Make more Emerica!

Average rating: 4.71 stars
Marijuananaut 10/25/17 Greece

the color is somehow different but dope anyway

Average rating: 4.71 stars
JC 10/7/17 Richland wa

Best pants I've owned so far for sure got to get more.

Average rating: 4.71 stars
Patrick Bateman 8/15/17 Texas

Solid material, haven't owned them long enough to see how well they hold up under wear and tear but the outlook is good. Bought them a size larger than what I wear because Emerica pants/jeans usually fit pretty close to skinny even though they say slim, and while I do like them to be on the slim side I don't want them to be too slim. It turns out they fit pretty loosely, much looser than most Emerica pants/jeans despite them being a size up and this is after a couple of washes. They fit fine, they're not too baggy or anything, but it'll probably take a few more washes to get them down to the size I prefer.

Average rating: 4.71 stars
PiN 7/29/17 Ukraine

Love this pants, fits me very well!

Average rating: 4.71 stars
drsexy 5/30/17 edinburgh

Great feel and super comfy, denim wears easy though. I have been buying Emerica for 15+ years, and the denim always gives out within the first year.

Average rating: 4.71 stars
Slippy 3/5/17 Austin Tx

These pants are very slim but that's just what the doctor ordered when I'm pretending I'm The Boss circa 2003 frontside flipping the big shit!