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Original heritage pigskin newbuck leather developed by Wolverine in the 1950's. Built to last for higher performance and resistant to fading. Developed by Wolverine to be abrasion resistant while staying soft to the touch. Allows for saturated colors without color migration. Elevated classic leather tested and proven.

Product Details

Item Code: 6102000130/610
  • Wolverine: Original Heritage Pigskin Newbuck Leather
  • Double Wrapped Vulcanized Construction
  • G6 Foam Polyurethane Insole
  • Flick Shield Rubber Inlay
  • Soft Cuff Achilles Foam Pad
  • Heel Halo Fit System With Integrated Lycra Tongue Straps
  • One Peice Vamp
  • Triangle Tread Outsole
  • Custom Topaz Eyelet
  • Custom Insole Artwork By Jon Dickson

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DICKSON reviews (15)

Overall rating
Average rating: 5 stars

Average rating: 5 stars
Richard 5/19/20 Louisville Colorado

Awesome shoes! They feel great! Sweet design as well.

Average rating: 5 stars
Sammy 5/17/20 Kansas

Great shoe! The flick shield makes the shoe a lot more durable. The heel halo fit system keeps your foot locked in and snug. You can skate the shoe right out the box with no break in period. Ordering my third pair now!

Average rating: 5 stars
Tay 5/13/20 Orange County

This is a really good shoe. It breaks in really fast, the insole is super cushy and after a few quarantine garage skate sessions, there is barely any wear to it. Also, I swear that I started growing mutton chops just by putting them on.

Average rating: 5 stars
Stax 5/12/20 Denver

Best Emerica shoe yet! Didn’t think you couldn’t get any better than the Figgy Dose or the Provider, but wow. The flick shield is amazing. I’ve put these through hell and back and they’re STILL going. Well done

Average rating: 5 stars
Shane 5/11/20 Virginia

Perfect for people who want a slim shoe that has very good flick. I found the dickson's to be a little too wide for my foot but it doesnt really bother me. Ive skated these hard for 2 and a half weeks and i just now got to the flick shield. The tread is now wearing down too. You may think they arent durable because they are already ripping after 2 weeks, but i skate daily all day and the roads i skate on are very very old and rough. This shoe is great

Average rating: 5 stars
Rob 5/8/20 Sacramento

Bought these to support emerica. These shoes feel great and look great. They’re ready to skate, no need to wait and break them in. The flick shield actually works too. Thanks guys

Average rating: 5 stars
Kyle 5/6/20 Lb

So good

Average rating: 5 stars
toast 4/24/20 mpls

Best shoe I've ever skated

Average rating: 5 stars
Andrew 4/21/20 Maine

Really fucking comfortable

Average rating: 5 stars
Dano 4/17/20 Rochester

The flick shield is amazing for starters, the rest of the shoe is extremely comfortable. I’m a carpenter so I go from being in a roof all day to clocking out and going shred with boys and this is the only shoe that keeps up. Big thanks to Jon

Average rating: 5 stars
Slogan 4/14/20 Magalia, Ca

Amazing shoes! Got my sw bs flips back in these yeeee

Average rating: 5 stars
Bryton 4/4/20 Kauai, HI

Best fuckin shoe they ever made since the OG laced 💯

Average rating: 5 stars
Edward40hands 4/2/20 Fontana, CA

I’m really enjoying the shoes could’ve used a little more support on the ankles and wish you would’ve used the tougher wolverine suede on all the models

Average rating: 5 stars
Abraham 3/3/20 California

Been waiting for a Dickson shoe from Emerica for ages. Was not disappointed. Based on the classic Wino style, but upgraded in several ways at the same price point. A new grippy tread, better tongue straps, little bit more premium feel to the shoe as a whole, and the rubber "flick shield" underlay, which is very low-profile to the point it's unnoticeable. It doesn't add any stiffness like I feared, the shoe still breaks in instantly. Feels like the rubber will flick nicely when I wear through the suede, too. Overall an amazing vulc and looks/feels like it suits Dickson perfectly. Also, Green was incredible.

Average rating: 5 stars
Nelson 3/3/20 LA

Looks like this will be the only shoe I’ll be skating. They’re not too thin and not too bulky. Felt broken in as soon as you put them on. I highly recommend anyone who wants to skate a show that has great board feel and some toughness. The flick shield is pretty nice also.