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The Figgy Dose is Justin Figueroa's second pro model for Emerica. Designed by the Big Fig himself. The Figgy Dose features a newly designed rubber compound we're calling Formula G, designed and tested to be even grippier and longer lasting then the standard rubber formula. A shoe you can skate just as hard in concrete pools or jumping on some steep ass steel rails. The Figgy Dose was built to skate whatever Figgy skates: EVERYTHING!

Product Details

Item Code: 6102000123/715
  • All new pro model designed by Justin Figueroa
  • Perforated spandex fit system for breathability
  • Formula G Rubber Compound
  • Full length EVA midsole made to endure heavy impacts
  • One piece toe cap for durability
  • Breathable medial mesh quarter panels for cool air intake
  • Triangle Tread updated with Flex Channel technology for greater board feel without sacrificing grip or durability
  • Suede

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FIGGY DOSE reviews (31)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.84 stars

Average rating: 4.84 stars
Vibe 3/30/21 Latvia

Such a great feel. I`m just using them for a walks. Amazing anti impact sole give so light feel on feet. Rock on Figgy !!!

Average rating: 4.84 stars
K1dLuna 2/19/21 Visalia CA

Even more durable! Comfort off or on my board. Will definitely recommend

Average rating: 4.84 stars
Alle 12/28/20 Sweden

Amazing shoe

Average rating: 4.84 stars
Alle 8/20/20 Nybro

Best shoe ever.

Average rating: 4.84 stars
Alexander 8/5/20 Sweden

Best shoe ever made.

Average rating: 4.84 stars
Rossta 5/8/20 Scotland

First pair of emericas in a long time. I am a fussy creature of habit and I have to add that revisiting an old favourite has been a total pleasure. Great shoes, great look, comfy as hell, wife loves me more, skate better than I did a month ago. I will probably have another pair of emericas before the year is done. Shoe making is science and art. These are good shoes.

Average rating: 4.84 stars
Sam 4/28/20 France

Awesomness !!!

Average rating: 4.84 stars
Paul 4/17/20 Martelange Belgique

Nice shoes, really good quality.

Average rating: 4.84 stars
Spyros 2/14/20 Amfissa, Greece

Just perfect!

Average rating: 4.84 stars
Woutvh 12/5/19 Rotterdam, Netherlands

Realy cool Shoes. They are very classy but still skate Shoes. They are also very comfortable. 5/5 would buy again.

Average rating: 4.84 stars
Yavor Rusev 11/21/19 Belgium

My second favourite shoe after the first figgy, currently on my 8th pair and it's the only shoe I skate

Average rating: 4.84 stars
BigFoot 11/3/19 Luxembourg

This and the first Figgy shoe are my two favourite skate shoes. Cuurently on my 7th pair and will continue to buy them, super durable, amazing impact protection, clean look, fit true to size, super resistant sole, hugs your foot. Everything you want in a skate shoe

Average rating: 4.84 stars
Nick 1/15/21 Lincoln

Super clean

Average rating: 4.84 stars
Dej 1/11/21 Alberta, Canada

I love these shoes. Flick is so crispy, stiffer than vans (which I like), break in nice but don't turn to jelly after a few months. The neoprene lining makes laces redundant which is nice because my heelflips rip laces on every shoe I skate. Highly recommend and debating buying a second pair.

Average rating: 4.84 stars
Tabbert 12/24/20 L.A.

The figgy dose are my favorite skate shoes ever especially with the gum sole. Romero laces are a close second. Support skater owned shoe companies!

Average rating: 4.84 stars
JRASTA 8/11/20 California

Love these!!! So comfy and breaks in immediately. Please keep this shoe around.

Average rating: 4.84 stars
Landon 8/7/20 Arkansas

Love these shoes. Super comfortable and supportive. Ready to skate right out of the box!

Average rating: 4.84 stars
LB3 7/28/20 Los Angeles

Shoe is skate label right out the box. Has good board grip on board. And extremely durable, except laces protection. Tight at the heel which kinda squeezes my foot and while I skate. Its ok but at the end of the day, when I take them off, it feels like heel bruise. Also doesn’t have arch support. I found like a bruise a the center of my foot from it trying to be as flat as the shoe.

Average rating: 4.84 stars
The King 4/14/20 Scottsdale AZ

These shoes are badass. Fit is perfect right out of the box and they're light AF, perfect for ripping and flipping!

Average rating: 4.84 stars
William 2/22/20 Chicago

Durable but took a while to break In and easily get dirty I have the white&gum colour. But look(when clean) and feel very nice

Average rating: 4.84 stars
Pakratt 2/22/20 Florida

Great fit

Average rating: 4.84 stars
sleeps 2/9/20 California

shoes are amazing just try them and you will see

Average rating: 4.84 stars
Jordan 1/17/20 Sonora, CA

Havent skated them yet but they fit my foot perfectly and broke in quickly. Good buy!

Average rating: 4.84 stars
Rocket1 12/28/19 Arizona

Super comfy shoe and you can’t go wrong with the G6 technology built into the shoe. Just too bad white soled shoes get dirty so fast

Average rating: 4.84 stars
Professor 10/2/19 Midwest

Great shoes, very study and sharp looking. Comfortable to walk in and seem to not pick up dirt or scuffs. Emericas have been really durable for me in the past and I would imagine these will perform the same way! Very happy.

Average rating: 4.84 stars
ArkPharoah 5/17/19 Virginia Beach

I'm skating the black and white ones currently, they feel amazing. I usually don't leave reviews but this shoe and Emerica needs more love towards what they put out. Seeing figgys footage blows my mind everytime I see him skating on the screen. Anyways the shoe is literally the gripiest shoe I've ever skated and possible ever worn. The material for the suede seems like a step above the first figgy pro models. Doing 360 flips feel so good in them and give you the right amount of feel to your board. I've been skating them for about a few days and it feels like the best shoe I've skated. I love the Reynolds G6 and these alot. Cupsole G6s are going to take over the world soon. I'm coming for the new spankys next, they look amazing!

Average rating: 4.84 stars
Pharcyde 5/14/19 🇨🇦

These shoes are so freakin sick, I chose to wear them to my boho style wedding. Emerica has done it again. Been a custy for as long as I remember and will be for years to come. Thanks team

Average rating: 4.84 stars
Co skater 5/3/19 Denver

Best skate shoe hands down. People say it’s “too much shoe” but they haven’t even tried them and don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about. I wish all your shoes had the flex fit channel with G6 rubber compound. Might wanna go a half size down, they mild to your feet. Rock em without laces then when they fit your foot perfect lace em up. I’ve had 7 pairs, also had some huff, vans, and other emericas... keep coming back too this amazing shoe

Average rating: 4.84 stars
Rockstar's Mom 4/12/19 Denver

Absolutely love your product; however, I bought these for my son and they were stolen shortly after they were delivered and left at his front door. We buy your products all the time and will always recommend you to everyone! HATE THIEVES - go buy your own shoes!!!!!

Average rating: 4.84 stars
S8an 3/26/19 Belgium

Super comfy and supportive shoe! The feel of a slip on with the support of a cupsole

Average rating: 4.84 stars
michaltakac 3/19/19 Slovakia

They're super good! A bit more bulky than previous figgy shoe but not too much.