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“I like the basic less-is-more style. I’m not trying to change the game. I’m trying to go with what works. I feel like when I look down, certain shoes are better for certain tricks. In my shoe, the toe just makes you want to kickflip. I look down and it makes me hyped to skate in. I’m addicted!”--Figgy

Product Details

Item Code: 6102000092/001
Color: BLACK
  • One-Piece Toe Cap
  • Internal Fit System
  • Padded Collar
  • Full Length Midsole
  • Triangle Tread
  • Suede

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FIGUEROA reviews (50)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.86 stars

Average rating: 4.86 stars
THEM 2/17/20 Carrollton


Average rating: 4.86 stars
First Figgy the best 2/16/20 North Carolina

Please please please don’t ever stop making these

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Close shave dave 1/28/20 Nz

So stoked these are available again,awesome shoe by figgy and Emerica,Figueroa rocks!!!

Average rating: 4.86 stars
NoahG 1/4/20 Corpus Christi

Sic shoe don’t ever! stop making them

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Big Foot 1/1/20 Belgium

Please Please Please bring these back to the european site

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Nono 12/29/19 Corpus Christi Texas


Average rating: 4.86 stars
Thom Thom 11/19/19 Québec

These shoes are pretty damn good bro.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
john 10/1/19 san diego

This shoe is really great and people will keep buying forever. Release new colorways!

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Pierre-Marc 9/21/19 MONTREAL YO

THIS SHOE REMAINS IN THE LINE ! They stay stiff, grippy and looking fresh for a solid month. The Dose start looking like a big ol'rag right after they finally broke in ( A solid week) Seriously if anyone even reads the comments the customers writes.... KEEP THOSE SHOES IN STOCK ! People will buy them forever !

Average rating: 4.86 stars
DylanPotter 5/9/19 57 east delaware place

Make more colorways of this shoe! they are much better than the dose Please restock!!!!!

Average rating: 4.86 stars
A 3/19/19 Connecticut

These should stay in the line, much prefer them over the dose. Best fitting shoe i’ve ever had

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Dpeds 1/19/19 Alabama

One of the best shoes, should keep making them I think there better then the dose.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Alonso 12/27/18 Los Angeles

Very cool shoes

Average rating: 4.86 stars
D Low 7/31/18 Florida

These are some of the only shoes I can buy that fit perfect on my wide feet and keep the edges of my feet from getting squeezed and hurting. Because of this, I've bought a new pair every year. Plus their style is so chill and simple that it goes with everything I wear. Also, they're great skate shoes too.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Shizz 7/17/18 Irvine ca

Best shoes in the game

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Beev 6/4/18 Barcelona

So good to skate in, thick enough sole so no bruised heels, the flick is good and no laces needed. Banging!

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Big Foot 4/17/18 Luxembourg

I've had 9 pairs of Figgy's and can say that they are the best shoe ever. I have a pretty wide foot and they fit perfectly. Perfect balance between board feel and impact protection. Thank You Emerica

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Rontonswan 4/28/18 Montana

Awesome shoes to skate or just wear casually. Fit super snug on feet and are narrow, if you have a wide foot don’t get these. Perfect for my foot, one of my favorite shoes to skate of all time.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Matty 4/15/18 Cornwall

So comfy, so minimal, so work-wearable!

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Alex 3/28/18 Germany

Emerica never dissapoints!

Average rating: 4.86 stars
CoderBoy 3/31/18 17550 burbank blvd #104

emerica is my favorite shoe for skateboarding, also everyday and everywhere. you guys can see me on instagram with the usename of The_coder_boy. just saying.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Vince 3/17/18 Chicago

The shoes themselves are great. However I was hoping to buy a black pair with a gum sole which was currently unavailable. Love the shoes but the combination was second best.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
theman 2/18/18 londan

Bit narrow for my wide foot. But other than that really classy shoe. Bless Emerica for making such a functional yet stylish shoe.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Alex 2/20/18 Louisiana

Best shoes ever. Perfect to skate. Perfect to just wear as an everyday shoe.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Aman 2/20/18 Las Vegas

Great shoes!

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Monchat1 2/6/18 Los Angeles

Awesome shoes! Wish you guys had more 2for1 sales on these honestly :)

Average rating: 4.86 stars
m00n__ 1/7/18 Prague

Stylish and comfy af. They last pretty good too, I expected that they would die way faster.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Debonair 12/30/17 Los Angeles

Functional with a bit of fashion.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Lill carl 10/10/17 Sweden

Love these shoes, looks great and comfterble to wear, haven't skated much in them, Like em so far flickings on point and great board feel

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Jordan 10/4/17 Queens, NY

Bought these shoes thinking that they were suedue and turns out they were canvas. They look fresh though

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Adorno 9/8/17 Denmark

Stylish and comfortable from the get-go.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Carlos neelis 8/27/17 Zeeland, Netherlands

Amazing shoe.. last long, great board feel and the best thing about this shoe is that you can skate it as a slip on so you dont have to worry about your laces ripping all the time! Figgy rocks, EMERICA 4 LIFE

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Awsunit 8/12/17 Washington

Long toe, not too pointy tho, gotta say I like the wino fit better, but Figgy still rocks

Average rating: 4.86 stars
César 6/24/17 Rua mar vermelho vila Barros guarulhos brasil

Tênis bonito louco pra ter um

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Alex 6/20/17 Michigan

These shoes are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. They are perfect or of the box and only get better once broken in. They look very good and seem durable. Only downside for me is that I would want the sole to be a little more stiff but it's not worth losing a star over.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Queefasaurus_rex 6/13/17 Flat Earth

Loved skating these. Lightweight but durable.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Me 5/17/17 California

Slim comfortable great skating shoe.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Chucky1805 4/18/17 Iowa

Dope shoes

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Bishop 3/9/17 Phoenix

Very nice.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Mickey 3/8/17 Albuquerque

These shoes come with trick in them

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Milo 2/28/17 United States

The best skate shoes I've had. The boardfeel is great and they are super comfy as well as being pretty durable. I would recommend to get a half size down for them to mold to your feet.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Leigh 2/28/17 London

These shoes are sick, if you half size down they function perfect as s slip on with no need for the laces. The flick is sick and the balance of board feel and impact protection is perfect. If you've skated the laced and are looking for something with a bit more tech. This is the shoe for you.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Jake 2/22/17 Washington DC

this is the most comfortable shoe and the best for durability. id say these are way better than the new Kyle Walker's or Crockett 2's. these things last and feel like slippers but are supportive. even tho this is cupsole construction there is tremendous board feel. get a pair of these shoes cause they are gonna stay in skating until the sport dies

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Presto 2/21/17 Hopkinsville ky

Best fucking shoes ever all of them love emerica

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Oliver 2/9/17 NYC

By far the best shoes I have ever skated. Especially for the price. They last long, are very comfortable, and look nice. Good shoe.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Tom 2/8/17 Des moines

Most dope

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Sweet Steve 1/13/17 Burbank

Probably my 6th consecutive pair of the Figueroa's. If you haven't skated these yet. Treat yourself to a pair. Soon as you put them on when their fresh and crispy, they feel like you've been wearing them for 2 weeks. No break in necessary. Exactly what I look for in a skate shoe. Look great on your board. The elastic from the tongue to the base of the shoe is the shit. I still wear laces with them but you honestly probably don't even have to. Simple and great. Last a fair amount of time. Ladies know your serious about your skate game when they see you wearing these. And it's Emerica, and Figgy. Come on now! GETTHATWHILEYOUCAN!!!!!

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Cubano_SP 12/18/16 Miami

Figgys one of the gnarliest on a skate board! His shoe has to be the best!!! Indeed it is!! I went crazy online shopping of this site last month! Got two pants a Beenie, hoodie, some indicators, and the figgys!! Talk about a fan boy!!

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Skatehuerta 12/17/16 Denver, Colorado

This shoe is probably one of the most comfortable, durable, simple, amazing skate shoes I've ever had I've been skating them for almost a month and there's not a single hole where I flick and most shoes will be done in less than a month but this one lasts! Skate with or without laces, personally I love both. Best skate shoe ever to be MADE.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Pootie 11/30/16 Los Angeles

The internal system is truly the BEST it is truly like an internal sock like they said. It keeps the shoe so snug on your feet and because they're a nice thin cupsole they're 50/50 on protection and board feel. The only downside is say is the ankle collar that's kinda low and thin but overall the shoes are truly truly a good skate specific shoe. Truly made by skaters for skaters