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HERMAN G6 VULC reviews (11)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.82 stars

Average rating: 4.82 stars
almond joy 11/14/17 Springfield, IL

I don't like these as much as the provost, but theyre still great shoes.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
AronyOddity 10/18/17 Anaheim

Best shoes to skate in hands down!

Average rating: 4.82 stars
HuGo 9/5/17 Mexico

Excellent Option!

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Danks 7/20/17 MI

Good product, warp speed shipping thanks

Average rating: 4.82 stars
YoungEmerican 6/20/17 Reno homie

If I could give a 5000 star rating I would but alas. 1st pair I ever had was the HK1s with the optional lace saver loops. Shit was so dope. Hooked ever since. From the Miners to the Ellingtons with the double Es, the heritics, the Hsus like 5 times (those things skate like a motherfucker) and the list goes on. Gcode vulcs are super thin but with mad protection. Haven't skated them yet as they're my "good shoes" 😎. All jokes aside, my reviews will always be biased. Emerica doesn't make a bad shoe.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Alex 3/2/17 Toulouse, France

Delivered in time, easy to order on website. Perfect shoes for skate... This is Emerica! Have a nice day skateboarding!!

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Mappe 2/26/17 Finland

Nice looks with slightly exceptional gray sole. Good skate feel right out of the box. The sole feels a little thin for my taste, but maybe it helps board touch.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Brian Anzures 2/9/17 Corona ca

They are soooo awesome to wear

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Tj 2/7/17 Downey, CA

Great shoes and amazing board feel and no foot problems I have been skating them for a almost about a month already and broken the first day and would highly recommend them anyone and they have amazing colorways

Average rating: 4.82 stars
williyp 1/25/17 woodstock Georgia

quality product. son really liked them.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Lex 1/7/17 Indiana

These are seriously my favorite shoes ever. I am a female who wears them with everything. They are not overly stuffed or have an overly slim profile. I got a pair on clearance at my local skate shop about a year ago and am hooked. Any other shoe I have tried since is disappointing in comparison to these. They are the PERFECT shoe. Please do not stop making these.