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With this re-designed lightweight build, the HSU G6 is now the lightest vulc mid out. The weight has been chopped down 125 grams from the first HSU and add in even more support this time around with our new upper construction, a first for Emerica, using an internal G6 Welded Frame that doesn’t bag out. Protect your feet with on point cushioning, in signature G6 High Rebound Foam, while getting the best grip and control with new welded midsole Triangle Tread outsole. This offers optimum grip, instant flexibility, and natural board control. Don’t forget about breathability. The HSU G6 integrates cool air ventilation throughout the tongue and medial quarter to prevent overheating.

Product Details

Item Code: 6102000112/401
Color: NAVY
  • An updated Emerica Classic
  • G6™ Technology
  • One-Piece Toe Cap
  • Instant Flex Welded Triangle Tread™ Outsole
  • Internal G6™ Welded Frame

HSU G6 reviews (26)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.92 stars

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Meico 3/12/18 Philadelphia, PA

Insoles and outsoles are solid and durable. The suede ripped fast regardless of like the 4 or so layers of material between the outside of the shoe and my sock. The padding is really nice and gives good support.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Marc 2/9/18 Los Angeles

Best Skateboard shoe that I’ve ever had, and have skated in them a bit I started to feel like Jerry Hsu, and even started sounding and dressing like him, however I am no where near Jerry’s level of skating to skate like him, although one can only dream... and thanks to the Hsu G6 I can have a piece of the dream. Thank you, Emerica! I ended up getting another pair of Hsu G6’s.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Jaylord 2/7/18 Boise, Idaho

I really like these shoes except for one thing. Although they are significantly lighter than the Reynolds G6's, they don't feel as padded around the base of the foot and toe box area which I think is a key issue for people who need thicker shoes to prevent skate injuries. If your cool with that fact, these are amazing shoes. They look great, offer ankle support, and are extremely comfortable. Just don't think that they offer the same foot protection like the Reynolds G6. The whole G6 structure that Emerica is using is the best on the market.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Jeffrey 1/5/18 Hermosa Beach

Really nice shoe. Wore Vans for years but these have more support and they're more comfortable. Also, the customer service was great.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Jeff 1/5/18 Hermosa Beach

Love the shoe. Very comfortable shoe with good ankle support and a strong sole.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Cake 12/28/17 Nc

4th pair and love them great shoes!

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Sirboli 12/27/17 Miami

Just lit

Average rating: 4.92 stars
THE SKATESIDE 12/26/17 90034

Cool design. The inside feels like a Pendleton sweater. Very comfy!

Average rating: 4.92 stars
THE SKATESIDE 12/26/17 90034

HSU G6 are the most skate ready shoes, light and good ankle support. Where slightly thicker socks if you feel the shoe scratching your pinky toe. Once that part wears in after 2 days or so they are solid.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Hunter (Frosty) 12/26/17 Greer, South Carolina

I really liked the HSU G6's, they are very comfortable to chill in even when you're off your board. They are also really easy to break in when you first skate them as well. So that's definitely a huge plus for me, I've always hated breaking in new shoes ... They give you that good smooth board feel as well as protecting your feet at the same time. I'll definitely be getting some other color ways in these!

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Ducky 11/29/17 Cleveland

One of my favorite!

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Jure 9/27/17 Netherlands

Fine shoes. My 4th pair Emerica.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Internetfamousfanboy 9/15/17 Richmond California

Comfy, great mix of protection and board feel. Overall one of the better Skate shoes I've had and Jerry hsu is sick

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Josie 9/15/17 Mogadore, Ohio

These are stylish shoes that are comfortable and affordable. My son loves them.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
phil 9/12/17 pennsylvania

i have these is black and in charcoal and i absolutely love them, i've been wearing emerica faithfully since 2010 and the hsu g6 are my favorite yet. great buy and great quality.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Robert 8/25/17 Huber Heights OH

I have to say I absolutely love the Hsu G6 mids. Lightweight and quite comfortable;has to be my favorite shoe. I've had the original Hsu mids and also the chocolate low vulcs. These are just a must have.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Franklin Fartington 8/22/17 DC

These are, for me, top five all time shoes I've skated. A little snug at first but once I broke the in they felt great. A skated them for a couple months and even after I blew out the top layer of suede the under layers would not quit. Never became a sock ripper. The mid also protects that ankle nob a little bit, which eases the emotional tension on flippies. I've had two pair so far, will buy again.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Oldassskater 7/29/17 syracuse

Best prices on Jerry hsu shoes around. Best and only shoes I use to skate.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Sirboli 6/10/17 Miami

I really love my shoes! For me this mark is one of my favorites!

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Jtorr 5/26/17 Daytona beach

Enjoi mud tops. Navy with yellow panda gum, like the 1st gens. Absolutely 1 of my favorite shoes ever. About to order these and hopefully they are as good if not better

Average rating: 4.92 stars
AJ 5/25/17 Florida

Loved the shoes but did not appreciated the exchange policy.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
AJ 5/18/17 Florida

Love the shoe material, super comfortable, and light.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Basil 1/14/17 Oceanside CA

simply amazing So damn light weight amazingly comfortable great grip & flick this shoe overall just looks and is so on point SOLE TECH PLEASE REUP SIZES and when is spring 2017 colorways dropping??

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Kyle 12/15/16 Knoxville

Grey gum and red are by far the best of the line. Easiest to keep clean. All of the options are sick shoes tho.

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Billy 12/2/16 Seattle

Such a dope shoe!! They are running out of the best colorways quick!! Hopefully they make more grey/gum/red. For buying this shoe i would recommend a 1/2 size up from what you would normally wear. That and buy 3 pairs!

Average rating: 4.92 stars
Matt 11/29/16 Rhode Island

Awesome shoe. Super lightweight, great board feel, toe cap is still surviving through many months of kickflipping. Got them in red when they first came out, may buy again in black.