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New slimmed down shoe from Collin Provost. Consists of a one-piece toe cap and a padded tongue and collar. Collin's shoe has a traditional vulcanized construction with Triangle Tread on the bottom to provide maximum feel and grip.

Product Details

Item Code: 6102000110/349
  • One-Piece Vamp
  • Vulcanized Construction
  • Die Cut EVA Insole
  • Triangle Tread™ Outsole
  • Suede/ Textile

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PROVOST SLIM VULC reviews (31)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.9 stars

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Josh 3/22/19 Dallas

These shoes are awesome! Super comfy and feel great

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Jam 11/14/18 Aberdeenshire

Great product. I keep buying them. Love these shoes for skating.

Average rating: 4.9 stars
scherrer2k9 9/14/18 Switzerland

great shoes! they look so cool and like every emerica shoe they just feel great!

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Rdhans24 8/11/18 Wisconsin

Fit larger than most brands. Very durable and comfortable.

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Scarecrow 8/9/18 Fullerton

Really nice shoe, comfortable and as soon as I started skating I didn't feel like I had to break me in

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Steee man 7/13/18 Winchester

Best shoes I’ve owned!

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Niklas 5/8/18 Germany

Good quality. Very comfortable. Would buy them again.

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Zane 3/27/18 Florida

Honestly these are my favorite shoes to skate in and I really like the color ways. They’re comfortable, got good board control, and just look steezy.

Average rating: 4.9 stars
HR of the WC 3/3/18 KS

This shoe had a production-like defect when I got it ... had a blue line that appeared to be a cut line for the fabric or something ... any rate, I sent these back (for FREE!) and then ordered a pair of HSU low that I absolutely love. So all is well in Emerica.

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Robin 1/29/18 31000 - TOULOUSE


Average rating: 4.9 stars
m00n__ 1/24/18 Prague, Czech Republic

Really nice shoe, classic shape and style. More padded than I expected, collar and tongue feels pretty ice. Super nice shoe but can't, and won't ever, give 5 stars to a vulc shoe.

Average rating: 4.9 stars
diamond.monster 1/16/18 TX

LOVE these shoes. They are super comfortable, stylish, and tough. Walked six miles in them the other day and my feet barely hurt, whereas my friends in their hiking boots were all dying. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants a good pair of skate shoes.

Average rating: 4.9 stars
stam 12/1/17 greece

love it

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Marijuananaut 10/25/17 Greece

Top notch

Average rating: 4.9 stars
TechVdot8 10/24/17 Boise, IDAHO

I've had (2) pairs of the Provost (so far) and I gotta say that they are a really good bang-for-your-buck! I usually like to skate in mid's or high's but they had a colorway of these on sale so I tried them out and I was not disappointed. The insole gives the right amount of cushion without compromising any board-feel and they last a pretty good amount of time. I would definitely recommend the Provost!

Average rating: 4.9 stars
J. 9/26/17 Colorado Springs

Goodt price, fast shipping, great product!

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Jerem 9/24/17 Paris

The shoes look great and the shipping was fast. As usual.

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Sammy 9/13/17 Kansas

Love the boardfeel on this shoe. Definitely buying another pair !

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Pumfy 9/2/17 Houghton

Lasting well, good style and comfort. I'm sticking with these kicks!

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Hoser7 9/1/17 Canada

Love my Figgy's but the Provost has it all! Tight but comfy fit, padded tongue is dope, board feel and grip perfect for longboarding and skating. Best shoe yet

Average rating: 4.9 stars
MiniCoop 8/30/17 San Clemente, CA

I've been skating these every day for about a month and they are barely even worn out. The insoles are very cushiony and they keep me from getting heel bruises even from ollie-ing a 9 stair. Plus they look really cool!

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Finn 7/25/17 Texas

These are sick! they hold up better then most skate shoes I've had. I'm definitely buying these again.

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Ha 7/11/17 Don't trip

This show is too sic!!!!

Average rating: 4.9 stars
gnarsm 7/8/17 Gnarsm

Great kicks. Comfy and they look really good. Keeping them for my around town shoes to wear them in then I'm gonna bust them up at the park. Would buy again!

Average rating: 4.9 stars
MaKenna 6/1/17 Online

Absolutely amazing!!

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Ed 5/5/17 California

These Provosts are dope. Sick colorway, great fit, and material. Highly recommend. Thanks, emerica.

Average rating: 4.9 stars
Alex 3/25/17 New jersey


Average rating: 4.9 stars
Downtown 3/3/17 805

Best looking shoe and way more comfortable than my vans and also skate just as good as my dunks

Average rating: 4.9 stars
EHurley 2/28/17 California

These Provosts are dope. I can already see my FS Flips getting better. Great fit. Comfortable buy

Average rating: 4.9 stars
EHurley 2/28/17 California

Provost=one of the best right now His shoes are so sick Get them. You'll be proud

Average rating: 4.9 stars
ARForbus 2/11/17 Florida

These shoes are just what I wanted. I use to have the Provosts when they first came out. They were super good, but these Slims are perfect. A stripped down version with excellent board feel! Hella comfortable!