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The Reynolds 3 G6 is a remastered classic, pulling upon the Emerica x Reynolds nostalgia strings and history from one of our favorite shoes. The Boss’s legacy with Emerica shines through on this updated release. The Reynolds 3 G6 comes restructured with G6 Technology, even more cushioning through the G6 PU Insole, better board feel with our Double Wrapped Vulc Construction, and a precise fit Heel Anchor System. All updated to not only today’s standards, but Andrew’s as well.

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Item Code: 6102000122/303
  • Double Wrapped Vulc Construction
  • Heel Anchor System
  • Drop In G6 Pu Insole
  • Diambond In Top Eyelet
  • One Piece Vamp

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REYNOLDS 3 G6 VULC reviews (44)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.75 stars

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Shagnasty 9/25/19 Las vegas

Beautiful shoe. Is holding up great. Been wearing emerica shoes since the early 2000s.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Matt Bowen 9/8/19 Ohio

Hands down one of the best shoes I've ever bought. It's super comfortable and it looks nice. It lasts a really long while to the wear and tear of skating. Would definitely buy another pair!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Manny 7/16/19 San Diego

Such a dope shoe I love the look I haven’t skated them yet but I can tell they’re going to last but I might just buy another pair to skate and keep these!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Manny 7/4/19 San Diego

They’re really comfortable and durable the Reynolds style of shoe will always look good!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Nativesouless 5/1/19 Arizona

These shoes are comfortable from the start don't really have to break them in you can notice that g6 design these shoes are really grippy on my board above these shoes are dope definitely get your money's worth.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Gams 4/30/19 Pennsylvania

Great shoes. Recovering from an ankle injury & the Reynolds 3’s assure that I have enough support & durability. Also very comfortable

Average rating: 4.75 stars
AP 4/26/19 Virginia Beach, VA

Love these! Thanks!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Biggest critic 4/16/19 Los Angeles

Shoes look nice overall but.. These shoes are about an inch longer then your foot yet there isn’t much room for foot movement, making your feet look bigger than they actually are. Ordered size 9 (I’m 8.5 & 9)and it feels a little snug yet my heels keep slipping out :( Thicker socks will just feel too tight Conclusion: Not true to size/Look super long, size 9 looks like 9.5 but feels like 8.5

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Fondren 4/3/19 Memphis

About a month in skating every day they are holding well. Really enjoying the shoes.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Joel 3/26/19 Canada

Best shoes, super comfortable and they last forever!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Great shoes 3/23/19 Denver

Great board feel. Low profile shoe. It’s up there with the providers and the foggy dose.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Johnnie Limit 3/21/19 Manchester, NH

Possibly the best pair of skate shoes I’ve ever owned. Emerica really came through with these new Reynolds. And they’re vegan!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Gage 3/21/19 colorado

dope, i like them a lot more than the slip ons and that low profile is bomb. Figgy does and provider are my fav tho. this comes in 3rd

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Taco 3/20/19 Tucson

Some of the best skate shoes I have skated this is my 3rd pair and they last a long time. The best out of all the shoes I have skated and I’m been skating for 14 years now Thank you Emerica and The Boss for making the best skate shoe Emerica 4 life!!!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
T 3/16/19 Merica

Shoes look awesome and are comfortable but didn’t come with the bling which was a huge disappointment

Average rating: 4.75 stars
i am walrus 2/19/19 AZ

Dope. But didn’t receive the bling for the shoelace holes 😓

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Andres kosma 1/15/19 El paso tx

I love the shoes! 🙏

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Inkogziro 1/10/19 Desert Breeze Park

Cleanest Shoe, Make this one a classic

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Lyssa 12/29/18 Leland NC

Was missing the diamonds on both shoes ... that’s the reason why I had order this style... I like the shoes but was not exactly what I ordered.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Herbmanshuffle 12/16/18 Mansfield Uk

Amazing shoe. So comfy, lovely amount of cushion under the heel and they feel peng! Look amazing too. Love this shoe. 👌

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Erika 11/3/18 Hawthorne

Bought these for my boyfriend as a gift and he loved them. He had other brown emericas but they got completely messed up so I decided to surprise him with these. The color is very nice. Very happy with my purchase.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
W 10/17/18 Wyoming

3 stars because you dont make the best mid top shoe anymore. Make more mids!!! Got rid of the best Reynolds to date, Reynolds 2's and the hsu mid, not much really going for me any more. The recent show I purchased isn't the best. The sole is so thin, why? Pretty disappointing to see what options are available.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Asdq07 9/20/18 The Netherlands

Very comfortable shoes. Has I nice insole. Had my first skate session with them yesterday felt really solid.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
NakitaBacardi 9/18/18 SLC, Utah

These shoes, with.a crispy new set up... made me progress more in the 1.5 weeks it took to wear them out (and a crispy deck. LOVE LOVE LOVE. wish I had a couple pairs So I can keep on flicking to freedom. THANK YOU EMERICA

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Scott 9/9/18 Chicago

Great fit and comfort nright out of the box. Skated them the hour I bought them. I love the raised sole. It has a really grippy feel. Also the collar is very comfortable on the back of your ankle. They have a nice weight and quality to them.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
BigBossJonny 8/31/18 Los Angeles

Once again, I am glad you have decide to bring back the Reynold 3s. This is my favorite shoe and also a shoe I have always skated with. I love the color on these, they look way better in person. Thank you.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
BigBossJonny 8/31/18 Los Angeles

I am glad you have decided to bring back my favorite shoes and my preferred shoe to skate with the Reynolds 3s. Now they are slimmer because of the vulc style, Always a true favorite of mines.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Jack Snake 8/29/18 SÃO PAULO/BRASIL

Dane Burman at emerica, already !!! O Boss é o skatista predileto por mim, seus models são o melhores G6!!!!!!!!!!!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Yoda's chiropractor 8/15/18 Austin

Super comfortable and they skate great. This is my new go-to shoe.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
JackSON 8/8/18 Cincinnati

Not as good as the OG but still dope , please bring back the original Reynolds 3, untouched please please please

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Kenneth 6/6/18 Colorado

Super comfy, just a great all around skate shoe. Probably my third pair now. These and the addidas busenitz are my favorite skate shoes for sure

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Danstop 5/28/18 Florida

Emerica = best skate shoes in the universe, always 100% satisfied

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Mani 5/10/18 Attleboro

Break down fast but still a comfy shoe....I'm telling you the original Reynolds 3 was where it's at but I understand the business.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Paul 5/10/18 Boulder

Awesome shoe! Cushy, comfotable upper, just the right thickness insole, and still great board feel. Basically a mix of the best parts of all his shoes. Reynolds is the boss for a reason.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Eush 5/9/18 Evergreen Colorado

I love all of Reynolds shoes! These are nice step back to the older ones with new upgrades like vulc and bomb insoles that feel like pillows under the feet:)

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Marcelo 5/7/18 Los Angeles, California

The best Skateboard shoe that I will ever have, has instant comfort right outta the box, the shoes have really good boardfeel and I feel it helps with board control a bit and feels great overall, and I pretty much just skate all flat ground lately... the shoe has that iconic Emerica Reynolds look topped off with that classic bling I remember seeing on the OG Reynolds 3... brings back awesome memories and remembering how legendary of a skateboarder Andrew Reynolds is. I can’t believe how fast I got my shoes at my door! Thanks to everyone at Emerica for making another classic and timeless pair of Skateboard shoes. Time to go skate! Till next time, peace.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Jables 5/3/18 Arkansas

Doooppppppppe ass shoes

Average rating: 4.75 stars
7teenageSmokers 4/17/18 OKC

I used to skate the OG Reynolds3 back in the day. One of my favorite shoes next to the Reynolds 2. I was excited Emerica was doing a updated Re-Release. I picked these up while in Denver, CO at 303 Boards. I popped them right on and they felt great right out of the box. Hardly If any time to break in. Looking forward to the Red/Red colorway in this shoe later this year.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Jon Allie 4/13/18 Muncie Indiana

amazing shoes look and feels great wear em everyday !!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Alexis R. 4/12/18 Ft. Wayne, IN

Emerica is my absolute favorite brand of shoes. Nothing even compares and I think Emerica is underrated. This specific pair is probably my favorite I’ve had in a while. The fit is PERFECT...it’s like they were made for my feet. I have an issue with comparable brands being extremely narrow but these have plenty of toe room. There was very little break in time, they are crazy comfortable, and have just the right level of padding. My one complaint would be that they tend to make my feet kind of warm and sweaty but is honestly such a small issue considering how awesome these are. Highly recommend!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Beau taylor 4/12/18 Houston tx

The only thing the 3 g6 is missing is the emerica name on the back of the heel. That piece is always the first thing to go anyways but yeah the shoe is dope and I can't wait to give it a kick... emerica 4 life. But the the Reynolds G6 are where it's at. Haven't even skated a pair yet cuz The struggle is real rn but I just know. .... Float the goods this way...

Average rating: 4.75 stars
emericamadman 4/9/18 ohio

Please re-make these in the Maroon colorway! Without the '3s' all over print. Favorite shoe of all time

Average rating: 4.75 stars
killuminari 3/16/18 virginia

shoes are fire. way better than i expected. figured it was gunna be another slim ass vulc shoe (like the reynolds vulc or herman g6 vulc) and was just going to be a slimmed down version that would ruin a classic shoe. tongue still has some padding, insole is good, and the sole is great so far. buy these shoes if you are thinking about it.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Zero 2/23/18 Montana

Cushioning is sublime and doesn't detract from board feel or functionality. Look clean as hell on camera. All around good shoe