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Overall rating
Average rating: 4.87 stars

Average rating: 4.87 stars
J 8/18/18 Philippines

Please bring this back!!! I had my pair ordered from the UK thru a friend. One of the best pairs I had!!! Pretty sleek. Just the right width. Absolutely fine with chinos and jeans. Please bring this back to market. I’d love to get a pair or two again.

Average rating: 4.87 stars
Arony 10/18/17 Anaheim

Shoes are really cool looking! Only thing was the shoe still had some glue residue on the rubber did not know what it was but cleaned it off with some water and elbow grease.

Average rating: 4.87 stars
TIM 10/11/17 CT


Average rating: 4.87 stars
DrewYanagi 9/11/17 Czech Rep.

These shoes are top ! I am using them with suit to the work ,comfy,nice.Love them.

Average rating: 4.87 stars
Olivier 8/19/17 France

perfect product

Average rating: 4.87 stars
Robert 8/11/17 McAllen, Texas

Beautiful shoe with quality material. Disclosure: I do not use these to skate in! Rather, I use these as a casual shoe, and they can be used even with business casual attire. They are simple, sleek, classy, and hold up very well while providing comfort. If you are a fan of Andrew Reynolds, which everyone should be, then you will not regret purchasing these shoes.

Average rating: 4.87 stars
Eliott 7/13/17 Amsterdam

This shoes are the bomb. They look good, feel good, go for it.

Average rating: 4.87 stars
OscarDaskywalker 6/29/17 NORTHEAST LA

A little heavy but nice shoe need more materials besides suede leather is really good hope Emerica remembers me when they're a big company like active or adidas or Nike etc I've been wearing your shoes for over ten years maybe more I've had all types of emerica shoes if u ever realease any old shoes or new shoes or clothing you can send me a new one or if I like the style or design I'll definitely buy ! Several ppl got to know emerica because of me I'll tell them they're Emericas when they ask what shoes im wearing Emerica 4 Eva skate life jet life

Average rating: 4.87 stars
Romain 6/14/17 France

C'est la classe rien a redire Emerica ma marque préférée sans problème continuez comme ça

Average rating: 4.87 stars
Slim Brad 6/4/17 Westminster maryland

A reliable classic look. Great fit. Toe comfort very high

Average rating: 4.87 stars
Robin 5/18/17 France


Average rating: 4.87 stars
Nate Dawg 5/11/17 San Antonio, Tx

One of the best fitting shoes out there, out the box flexibility and comfort. Wore these to a wedding 💯

Average rating: 4.87 stars
Sage Stewart 4/18/17 Santa Cruz

The best shoe company in the game. Been buying your shoes since the Marc Johnson kicks. Love you guys!

Average rating: 4.87 stars
emerica for life 3/6/17 CA

These have a super thick insole unlike the other reynolds low vulc, and doesn't have the cheap hollowed out waffle pattern sole, its actually just thin solid rubber, the actual rubber is way more solid and grippy than the other vulcs, these run a touch bigger than the other vulcs too, over all the quality is far superior and the shoe even has better material on the inside heel support. These are straight designer shoes for skateboarding!