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The Avett Brothers x Leo Romero project didn’t come out of thin air. It’s not some brainchild idea of a couple of marketing dudes trying to create something “cool”. Screw that! It’s much simpler than that. Leo’s been a fan of the band for quite some time. He was introduced to the brothers through a mutual friend. From that point on, they realized they had more in common than they thought. They became friends. The Avett’s and Romero take on life in similar ways, even though they're embedded in different cultures in what they do for a living. Outside of their venues and concerts, The Avett Brothers are two down to earth guys. They don’t take things too seriously. Leo’s the same. If you meet Leo off the board it’d be hard to imagine this fun loving jokester crushes skate spots and lights the average skate demo on fire. Likewise, when the Avett’s take the stage, they hand themselves over to the show and fans, completely. The Avett Brothers and Leo Romero are passionate about what they do; they’re in sync with each other, from different paths, bridged together to form one shared way of life.

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Average rating: 4.25 stars

Average rating: 4.25 stars

Do you know what would be nice? To be able to buy these shoes in women's sizes. You missed out on a lot of sales but I'll give you three stars for the great collaboration.

Average rating: 4.25 stars
kelvin 12/30/18 hong kong

sorry.i don't know where i can buy this shoe in Hong Kong.Can anyone help me find or tell me where i can go?

Average rating: 4.25 stars
Dawgpound5 12/28/18 California

This collaboration would be on Fire if it actually hit what’s over 1/2 their market fan base...women! This bad boy will sit on the shelf, what a bummer summer for the girls. I wanted to get this shoe for my sis in law who lives in Virginia, is born and raised in Cali, follows the band everywhere and absolutely rips at skateboarding. And she’s 49 years old, missed it on this one BOYS!

Average rating: 4.25 stars
Wild Bill 12/26/18 Baltimore

Awesome shoe. Great fit, better design.

Average rating: 4.25 stars
Amandamoon 12/26/18 Indiana

Gave my husband a pair for Christmas and he LOVES them. Stylish and comfortable. True to size. Quality in detail from packaging to overall design.

Average rating: 4.25 stars
Mike 12/21/18 MKE

Awesome collaboration. True fit. Nice product. May be back for the boots.

Average rating: 4.25 stars
Tredogg 12/18/18 United States

Super great design collaboration with the Avett Brothers. The art work is stellar and the confort is sublime. Really enjoying these kicks, s much so I bought a second pair.

Average rating: 4.25 stars
Tina 12/11/18 Oregon

I love these shoes— the style, color, and function with the Avett lyrics and symbols are spot on! Even the box and packaging are perfect. But why, oh why, would you not offer these in smaller sizes for women? That is a huge miss. And, quite frankly, a slap in the face to women who are both skateboarding and Avett fans. You missed half your market. I hope you can offer smaller sizes in the future.