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The Dissent is a cupsole outfitted with a Full Length EVA midsole for better cushioning and a Screened On Toecap, making it a perfect lightweight and durable new option. The Dissent also brings Spanky back into the mix, introducing his own signature colorway with this new addition to the line up.

Product Details

Item Code: 6101000110/003
  • Cupsole Construction
  • Full Length EVA Midsole
  • Screened On Toe Cap
  • Heel Anchor System
  • Die Cut EVA Insole
  • Suede Mix

DISSENT reviews (13)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.85 stars

Average rating: 4.85 stars
B. A. 11/9/18 United Kingdom

Even though I've not skated in them (yet), I love these shoes :-)

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Aroldo 10/5/18 Denver

Did you like the Westgates? Did you fucking scour the Internet looking for pairs after he left? These are close enough that I stopped looking through eBay all the time for pairs of them. Solid shoe, good construction, lightweight, but with that athletic Westgate feel. 🤘

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Cruz_daily 9/25/18 Covina,CA

Amazing quality shoe for a affordable price super durable overall a great shoe gonna last me a while love Emericas

Average rating: 4.85 stars
VegaVega 8/19/18 Bogotá

Love them. No sticker treat coming with them or any of the 4 pairs of trainers I bought in one week ...

Average rating: 4.85 stars
gf 7/31/18 London

Look good, quite comfy but gutted that they fit half a size large.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
MYNAMEISMYNAME 7/13/18 Greenwich, CT


Average rating: 4.85 stars
David 7/8/18 Michigan

These shoes are fantastic! If you're familiar with the es swifts, these are that shoe. They are a little heavier, but the overall protection, duration, and feel is worth the price tag. I've had this pair for a little over a month and there is plenty of life left in them.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
harrison 6/1/18 asdf

shoe fits well, seems like its constructed well, its comfortable...good functionality. shits ugly tho. i feel like a janitor wearing these

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Logan 5/22/18 Paradise, Ca

Amazing boardfeel, great flick and grip, solid support. Overall beast shoe

Average rating: 4.85 stars
EFNRND 5/4/18 Des Moines, Iowa

Got the Herman g-code remake before this and they were excellent. The new spanky shoe was everything I thought it would be. Super plush, and comfortable, great sole, and superior styling. Can’t speak highly enough of the quality!! Long time Emerica customer and this is evidence as to why! Thank you Emerica!!!

Average rating: 4.85 stars
BestTomEver 4/4/18 Philadelphia

Light,Comfortable, and built well

Average rating: 4.85 stars
logan_small_valley 3/1/18 Millersburg, PA

The Dissent has got to be one of the cleanest looking shoes I've seen out there and they aren't ridiculously over priced. Definitely gonna be my go to skate shoe for a while.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Slim Brad 1/16/18 Westminster maryland

The dissent is Amazing. BEST board feel and comfort out of the box. The Dissent has such a comfortable toe shape. Its like a glove but still has that sturdy safe feeling structure to it, while at the same time being flexable and forgiving. Also this shoe has great soles and for me being a person who has sore heels all the time, this shoe really does make my feet feel at ease. A great deal for the price and great quality as always from Emerica. They nailed it again with this one.