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EMPIRE G6 reviews (12)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.83 stars

Average rating: 4.83 stars
Motomi 11/23/18 United States

These were great shoes and still are. Love the mid sole but I replaced the insole with the insoles from my reynolds g6.

Average rating: 4.83 stars
Sal 3/31/18 california

First impressions are perfect. Really clean shoes and VERY comfortable. To be expeced from Emericas. Gonna have to buy some Hsus because i don't really want to skate in these.

Average rating: 4.83 stars
Diegofnc 3/3/18 Portugal - Viana do Castelo - Ponte de Lima

The quality is awesome, the only thing I didn't like was that the tongue in the right shoe keeps facing right so the Emerica logo doesn´t face foward like it should. Also the top part of my heel starts to hurt after walking too much but it only happens in the right shoe. Other than that the looks are great and they really have a premium feel to them.

Average rating: 4.83 stars
lucas 12/26/17 florida

great flick and awsome board feel

Average rating: 4.83 stars
Hunter (Frosty) 12/26/17 Greer, South Carolina

I really liked the board feel in these, it's nice to have a shoe that can absorb your impact without having to be such a bulky shoe. The color way in these new G6 Empire's is sick as well! I actually ended up keeping these fresh to rock as long as i could, until I couldn't resist jumping on a board with them any longer!

Average rating: 4.83 stars
Merry 6/26/17 Finland

Bought a pair for my fiance. He must have had dozens of these and definitely has more shoes than I do. He used to repair his skate shoes with that stinky glue before but now that he has found these Perfect Shoes, he's constantly looking for excuses, I mean reasons, to buy another pair whenever the current ones are worn enough. Im quite sure that he has never praised anything else (including me) as much as these shoes and if you would ask him why he was invited to join a team, he would probably even claim it was because of these shoes instead of his skills and awesome style (I know how important it is to skate in a way that looks cool, check). Well however as I've studied economics I only wonder why on earth you dont somehow reward your loyal customers or have a loyalty program. ... Then I gave it some further thought and realised that the reason must be the same as why Rolls Royce doesnt advertise. They simply dont have to. Thanks for -15% voucher though! And greetings from Finland.

Average rating: 4.83 stars
AJ 5/25/17 Florida

Great comfort and light weight

Average rating: 4.83 stars
AJ 5/18/17 Florida

My favorite pair of shoes, super comfy!

Average rating: 4.83 stars
Mr Peculier 5/3/17 Fredericton

Absolutely love it. From the moment I put them on I wanted them. They have amazing grip and it feels like I'm walking and riding on a cloud.

Average rating: 4.83 stars
DJ 4/8/17 Salt Lake City , Utah

My ABSOLUTE #1 NEW FAVORITE SHOE.... This model is designed to make your feet feel safe and secure, and at the same time you can go to battle wearing them. The Inner sock is super dope.. your not having to tighten your laces super tight ya know, great looking shoe.... the sole of the foot have nice thread patterns so they will last longer than the cheeper shoe models. I wish the website has more 8.5. the EMPIRE G6 is worth paying 85$. mine have already lasted longer than the Herman's & Reynolds low vulc. VERY Impressed with his shoe.

Average rating: 4.83 stars
DJK 3/18/17 SLC,UT

Superior feel, Superior looks.... Inner "sock" prevents you from tying the laces too tight. your ankles feel strong in these shoes.

Average rating: 4.83 stars
Slim brad 2/19/17 Westminster maryland

Just got to shred these at a little gap spot. They were not mine but actually my homies. They feel good, first day he skated them and they felt pretty broken in and comfy. Really grips the heel and keeps it steady. Sad i had to give them back to him but im definitely coppin a pair myself.