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An updated version of one of Emerica’s classic after-skate chillers, the Wino. The Wino Cruiser stays true to the original design, but with a new restructured narrow, low profile design, a new rubber toe bumper and a new flat Triangle Tread bottom. A true Cruiser.

Product Details

Item Code: 6101000097/976
  • An Emerica Classic
  • Reconstructed, Low Profile design
  • Traditional Vulcanized Construction
  • Flat Bottom featuring Triangle Tread

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WINO CRUISER reviews (57)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.91 stars

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Niels 4/20/21 California

Please start making this shoe again :( Has been my daily shoe for years

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Regrom 4/7/21 Texas

Please continue making these shoes

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Chris 4/7/21 Colorado

Please make more of these shoes. Myself and others have been wearing these for years! None of your other shoes are anything like these!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Hot dog 4/3/21 Nyc

Please restock these shoes in all black. I've been waiting months to get a new pair...They're the best shoes ever!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Mr p mosh 3/17/21 California

Please don't stop making these shoes!!!! I've been wearing them since 2014 and don't want to switch! For the live of God hahaha

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Erick Labrada 11/19/20 Mexico

Los más cómodos!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Matthew Wyszynski 10/31/20 West Allis, WI

I absolutely love these shoes. I love how their not bulky and thin. I wish they had the Emerica logo on the side of the ankle.

Average rating: 4.91 stars
RX2 9/3/20 Orange County CA

Awesome shoe.

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Tommy 7/21/20 Houston

Perfect shoe

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Joel 7/15/20 Laguna Vista, TX

Shoes look nice but when they got delivered the bottom was missing grip. The middle section on both shoe's soles were like melted off and thus had a smooth feel unlike the grippy counterparts. Still skate-able but not as much as I was hoping.

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Louie 7/10/20 texas

Simple yet bold! Gotta love a simple black shoe, thank you Emerica!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Emph 6/28/20 San Diego

One of the best gripped shoes I've had the pleasure of wearing. Got the black/white ones. Am going for the black/gum next. Please make more....peace!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Hot Dog 3/10/20 NYC

Please make these in all white!!! Best shoe ever

Average rating: 4.91 stars
John 2/23/20 denver

Please restock these shoes!!!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
WinoCruiserarethebest 1/17/20 Ohio

Seriously please bring back more colors these shoes are simply amazing and never stop making them!!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Bryant 12/18/19 Houston

Never ever ever ever stop making these shoes, also need more colors with gum sole, besides that these are the best

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Peter 11/5/19 Minnesota

I second their comment! I'll buy two pairs of these a year as long as they're around. Nothing as light and simple out there with such low profile. Please bring back, with more colors please!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
James 10/25/19 Atlanta, GA


Average rating: 4.91 stars
Dylan 10/5/19 4315 n Pershing dr

Why you don’t have size 8.5

Average rating: 4.91 stars
brian candles 10/4/19 los angleles

better than vans .

Average rating: 4.91 stars
sabas 9/18/19 san diego

For the love of god, please consider bringing back these specific wino's (cruiser)!! They are the best shoes you guys ever made!! I missed out on all the best colorways when you first introduced them (red, all white, navy). I didnt know of these shoes until the end of their run. Ive managed to buy up the remaining black/white colorway from sites like zappos (they are starting to run out). Im just so bummed you guys wont be making these any more, if anyone in the high ranks of this company sees this please, PLEASE, consider bringing them back. I beg of you!! I thought maybe the new wino standards would fill my void, but no way, they dont even come close to feeling like the cruisers (i returned them). I just really want the cruisers in the all white and red/white colorway to come back, ugh. Ive even resorted to checking ebay every now and then hoping someone will have new pair that they've come upon that never sold (again, in that all white or red/white colorway), but no luck yet. anywho, im done ranting. BEST. SHOE. EVER!! Dont forget. Adios!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
j 8/14/19 los angles

if you just look at the shoe, these are probably gonna be exactly what you want them to be. lighter/ thinner than vans, extremely form fitting/ abt as thin as you can get thru the instep. great everyday shoe. you Are gonna tear thru em in like 3-4 months if you wear them everyday, but they are the type of shoe that you Do wear everyday.

Average rating: 4.91 stars
shingo 6/21/19 CT

The black leather ones with the red piping were the best looking pair of shoes I've ever owned. I have other pairs in different colorways but they're just not as good as that colorway. If I had known they would never come back I would've bought 5 pairs. The ones I have are about to wear through please consider bringing them back.

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Frank the Tank 3/27/19 Illinois

Good ass looking shoes, black/white is all around the best look but they just ran out of my size so I’m hoping they restock it soon because this shoes are so simple yet good looking and so affordable as well. Emerica knows what’s up.

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Lynn 12/25/18 Simi Valley

Got these for my son for Christmas and he loves them. He said they're really comfy and they fit perfect!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Mac 12/22/18 So Cal

I've been wearing this shoe(black) for years as well! Thank you for bring back the black/gum. They were sold out everywhere for a long time. We need more shoes like this. Small/fitted/sleak.

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Steven 12/19/18 Highland Park

Very thin all around. Allows your feet to breathe. Great for driving stick shift cars. Good for playing drums too.

Average rating: 4.91 stars
BRIAN 10/24/18 KCMO

The Wino has been my favorite shoe for years!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
juan 10/13/18 vermont

can we get these in the black/ gum again??? please! love this shoe

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Uday 9/26/18 Ney York

A little narrow at first but once broken in a very comfortable and good looking shoe

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Drew 8/23/18 Michigan, USA

It's been a while since I had these, and they're still the best shoes ever. They were already comfortable before, but seem a hell of a lot cushier now than when they first dropped. I've always appreciated the minimalist style of these, they go with anything and look great.

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Davo 7/12/18 Adelaide - South Australia

Great shoes! Onto my fifth pair. Never change, Wino Cruiser, you're awesome.

Average rating: 4.91 stars
MGS 6/4/18 Orange County, CA

These shoes are perfect for me. As I get older I struggle to fit into skate shoes despite me loving the style of them. The cruisers are a great shoe for a casual user with a surprising amount of toe room and an ultra-lightweight design. My ONLY complaint about the shoe is that there is only black color ways available. These are my favorite shoes and I want to buy more colors in them!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Trolo 5/10/18 Loganville, Ga

Great deal good quality shoes I do recommend these shoes and definitely buy ‘em again !!! Thanks Emerica

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Wizard 4/29/18 Hell

VEGAN! Thank you Emerica for giving us options! Very comfy, more of a chill shoe.

Average rating: 4.91 stars
MDA 4/14/18 Los Angeles

Size & Width of gumsole is perfect, exactly what I was looking for in a shoe!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
GenBrembo4 4/7/18 Twentynine Palms

Great shoe design for both pants and shorts. 5th time buying them and they are amazing!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Mr. P. Mosh 3/31/18 California

These shoes are amazing, 6th time I’ve bought them, the best chill shoes. best shoe I’ve ever bought. More comftsrble than vans and the best low profile style. The P. mosh signature

Average rating: 4.91 stars
zakkmauro 3/6/18 Udine - ITALIA

Top shoes. Emerica forever!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Oj 12/29/17 California

100% satisfied

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Luis 12/27/17 Texas

There dope fit as expected

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Samy 12/26/17 Aptos ca

This shoe is great for a basic shoe.

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Chris S 12/21/17 Albuquerque

The Wino Cruiser is a great shoe with a nearly level toe to heel drop that provides great connection with surfaces and easily accomodates a wider forefoot. It is an affordably priced and versatile option in a variety of colorways. I own 8 pairs and will continue to purchase them as long as they are available. Thanks Emerica for a great product!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Ducky 11/29/17 Cleveland

Waiting for summer.

Average rating: 4.91 stars
AronyOddity 10/18/17 Anaheim

This shoe is good for chilling at the movies but not so good for skating.

Average rating: 4.91 stars
"C4NU ONE" 9/29/17 Lynwood

If you don't like bulky shoes this is the shoe for you,true to size but you need to brake them in just a little. Worth every penny!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Mr P Mosh 9/10/17 California

Favorite shoes around. Third time purchasing these in a row! Super comfortable and they last a long time. Really light, stylish, but above all comfortable as heck. Hope this shoes are never discontinued.

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Zay 8/23/17 New Hampshire

Super comfy, stylish, and above all lasts forever. I'd highly recommend these shoes to anyone who likes good shoes.

Average rating: 4.91 stars
KMolly 7/18/17 Tennessee

He LOVES them. They look great and feel so perfect! A+ product for sure.

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Sam 7/16/17 Daytona each

Some of the most reliable pairs of shoes I've ever bought. Run a little small at first but break in just fine. Definitely buying another pair.

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Malik 5/19/17 Chicago

Sucks I can only give five stars. Been wearing Winos for about 6 years and I couldn't be happier with the brand. Only sad thing is there the Tie Dye Altamont aren't available anywhere :(

Average rating: 4.91 stars
HombreElectrico 4/19/17 North Dakota

Low profile, slick shoes. Actually look like og winos except crafted better. Comfortable and true to size.

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Juan Miguel 2/11/17 Colombia

Gran producto, excelente calidad y a muy buen precio, bastante satisfecho. Gracias

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Mariano Tims 2/8/17 San Pedro

Very comfortable

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Adrien 12/28/16 Paris, France

Shit is dope

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Charles 12/20/16 LOUISIANA

I wait tables and these shoes are great for me all day long, wish i had separate pair to skate.

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Andres Mon 12/7/16 Burgos,Spain

Quería saber cuando estará disponibles más tallas para poder escoger la correcta. Respecto de la zapatilla me parece de las más guapas y mejor calidad de Emerica.