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A new mid-top style from Brandon Westgate. The Westgate Mid Vulc is a traditional vulcanized construction with tongue stabilizing "wings". Shoe consists of a one piece toe cap and triangle tread for ultimate grip and peformance.

Product Details

Item Code: 6102000107/964
  • One-Piece Toe Cap
  • Triangle Tread™
  • Tongue Stabilizing “Wings”
  • Traditional Vulcanized Construction


Overall rating
Average rating: 4.78 stars

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Docs 12/7/17 Reno, NV

Perfect combo of board feel and ankle protection that feels already broken in.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
LT 6/29/17 SF

@Jarod- "Lasts only as long as you would think a cupsole would". What? That's pretty good then since it's a pretty well known fact cupsole lasts longer than vulc and these are vulc...

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Innes 6/15/17 Perth

Really love the shoes, nice colour and comfortable

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Jarod 5/15/17 Oklahoma

Great ankle padding! The tongue is very lightly padded and they provide very little impact resistance. After market insole are almost a must with these even though the insoles are glued in on the shoe. Very good board feel but this shoe lasts only as long as you would think a cupsole would. This shoe is basically a Mid top version of the Reynolds Low Vulc.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Andy 5/11/17 San Diego CA

Emerica or DIE. The Westgate's or in my top 3 Emerica models. Good board feel and haven't torn to shreds yet.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
tk 5/2/17 france normandie

not bad keep it up guys

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Neveri 4/22/17 Finland

my 2nd pair of Westgates and tbh it's the best shoe for everything.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Widowmakerhp 2/19/17 norway

best shoe ever

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Cody 1/13/17 Baltimore

just what we wanted - thanks